Sunday, April 11, 2010 Global LD Unlimited calling Plan Review

If you are looking for a unlimited calling plan for your international calling needs then can be a good option for you. CordiaLD is offering Global LD Unlimited calling plan(Free calls to over 50 countries) in Just $19.95/month. Please read on for details.

CordiaLD provides free calling to over 50 countries around the world including

All Landline & Mobile:
Canada, China, Cyprus, Hong Kong, India, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand, United States
All Landline###: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel#, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey##, United Kingdom, Venezuela

All Landline : Kazakhstan (Astana, Almaty, Karaganda), Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg

# Excluding Palestine.
## Except calls to numbers starting with (90) - 392.
###Excluding calls to chat lines and other premium numbers

Most important point to note is that you can use there service in 3 ways -

1. Through Landline or Business Phones

  • No need to switch your local service
  • No broadband service & extra equipment required
  • No need to dial access numbers
  • No activation fee
  • For only $20.00 extra a month, you have the option to add Cordia's local service to your Global LD Plan, for unlimited local, long distance and international calling to over 50 countries for $39.95 a month

2. Through Internet (Computer or VoIP Phone)

  • Use your existing broadband internet connection
  • FREE USA telephone number included no matter where in the world you live
  • FREE use of a telephone adapter
  • More than 12 FREE features, including Call Waiting, Caller ID and Voice Mail

3. Through Mobile

  • Register your cell phone as an Authorized Number for Cordia's Global LD service
  • Dial Cordia's toll-free access number, then dial the number you want to reach
  • Call over 50 Global LD countries FREE
  • Pinless dialing - No Pin numbers needed
  • Add another Authorized Number at no additional charge
  • No activation fee

Final Worlds Global LD plan is much similar to Vonage or other unlimited plan providers. But we always think if you are not calling to premium countries like INDIA then it doesn`t worth to pay this much. Skype offers World unlimited plan(Which includes calling to 40 countries) in just $14/month. If you want to make unlimited or very cheap calls to INDIA then you can read our post unlimited calls in just $10/month. Since we have not used CordiaLD service personally, we cant comment on the quality. I request any reader to put comments on the service quality if they have used this service.


  1. has anyone tried this service? how is it?

  2. CordiaLD :- This plan is a piece of shit.... please don't buy it !!!!!

  3. can u please explain why codiald is not a good plan to take actually i was planning to buy it pls gve your comments

  4. can u explain why should we not take cordia LD i was actually planning to buy it...

  5. Has anyone tried their service. How easy is it to connect and how is their call quality?

  6. I suggestion not to buy this Global Unlimited Plan. These people say unlimited calling, but they are limited.

    If your minites of calling crosses 1000, they will suspend your plan and give you invalid reasons. Please read their agreement before you sub-scrip.

    I am one of the victim. My calling minutes crossed 1000 and they suspended my plan and asked me to upgrade for another plan which is really higher price than your mobile service.

    For God's shake, please don't try this Global Unlimited Plan.

  7. I am currently CordiaLD subscriber, Initially I got the mobile unlimited calling. Service is good. maybe sometimes you get disturbence, but disconnecting the call and trying again was solving the issue. However, I faced this issue only with the mobile calling feaure. I did not find any issues with their softphone calling feature as the calls go thru my internet connection. I am hoping VOIP phone will be good as well. I am planning to take VOIP phone from them next month. I have been with them from the last 2 months. So far its going good. I would recommend the service.

  8. "If your minites of calling crosses 1000, they will suspend your plan and give you invalid reasons. Please read their agreement before you sub-scrip."
    I used 2 years bavk this service and they did same trick with me. Now they call me for every 6 month to continue my service or new service
    Before buy I talk with them and they promised me for 5000 minutes for unlimited plan but they stopped service 1st time @ 4000 minutes in month, then 2nd time 3500 minutes in month and 3rd time 2500 minutes in month. After that I stop. Now they call me every 6 month to continue and they promise me on phone to provide you 5000 minutes in month but they can’t send me in writing-email or Fax.


    CORDIALD and CORDIAIP are same. Just two names.

    I paid $80 during signup ($40 activation, shipping, first month fee). And they just suspended my account after I crossed 1000 minutes.

    I have fought with them for 10 days and all they said is below. They don't give you specific reason of why they have suspended. They say unlimited, but not unlimited. They say that I have called up 52 different destinations, but it was only 12 hardly. I asked them proofs and they say the below. I ask them clarifications, they say the below. I ask anything, they say the below. Tired, irritated, frustrated, left with anger and nothing to do.

    We are sorry to informed you that we cannot reactivate your account unless you are willing to changed your plan to a 1.9 CENTS per minute. Please be advice that currently your account is deactivated and we cannot refund you the activation fee since it's already more than 30 days of it's trial period.

    If you have any concerns feel free to call us or email us back thru

    Thank you,

    Aireen Amoin
    Customer Service/Tech Support
    CordiaIP Corp

  10. Maybe I have to check with them, In the last 2 months I have used, I talked aroung 1800 minutes and I did not find any problems. Maybe whatever I am saying would look like I am someone from cordiald writing this. But I am just a subscriber. Just trying to write my experience. First I subscribed for the mobile calling plan. which was $20/month. Then when I asked them to add voip service as well. they said, They cannot add VOIP service to the existed one and they adviced me to take new account and cancel the old one. for the new account they have offered my 1 month free and the shipping charges were waived. so finally I would be risking $20 if they deactivate my account. I shall update if I face any issues in the future.

  11. This is a pieceofshit service, i have this service and most of the times there service dont work, it just rings at the other end, initially i thought my friend in india is not picking up, bt i tried few other numbers but the same result, they never get any call..When complained to their customercare, they say its a glitch and will be resolved soon, that soon has not come for 4days now, and they are not giving credit for this !! This is my last month with these frauds...enuf of ur bullshit !! Save ur money guys, stay away from this


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