Saturday, April 17, 2010 Calling Card Review : 1 Re call to India and Unlimited conversation plan

Remember days when we use to go to PCO booth with 1 Re coin to talk to your loved ones, now offers just one rupee calling rate to talk to your loved ones across borders. PCO4NRI is a cheap international calling card provider specially targeting Indians living in USA. Their calling rates are on higher side, but still their Unlimited calling Plan is attractive if you like to talk continuously for 90 minutes. is pin based calling card service which works through Local or Toll Free Access Numbers. They offer different calling plans as per your need, lets discuss them one by one -

The Value Plan(Call rate to INDIA $0.02/min)
There are many other providers offering better rates varying from 1 cents to 1.8 cents.

The Traveler Plan
This plan is good for average period calling of upto 3.5 minutes. In this plan if you call INDIA landline from 0 to 210 sec rate will be 0.049 $ for whole first interval and after that 0.039 $/min.

The Unlimited Conversation Plan(Interesting)
This plan is very good for long callers, who talks for hours. This plan is based on per call which is limited to maximum of 90 minutes. You pay 40 cents per call when you use their local access numbers and 65 cents using toll free. Apparently it looks good, but the biggest question is; what is out of 10 calls, you get two call drops less than a minute.

Lets see the effective calling rate if you are calling India using toll free number
It means if you talk for,
less than a minute; call rate would be 65.1 cents/min (call drop)
5 minutes;call rate will be 13.0 US cents/min
10 minutes;call rate will be 6.5 US cents/min
30 minutes;call rate will be 2.17 US cents/min
60 minutes;call rate will be 1.08 US cents/min
90 minutes;call rate will be 0.72 US cents/min

How to make call using calling card

Step 1: Register on the site and activate your account.
Step 2:Login to start using your account and Purchase a suitable tariff plan. Configure the phone number (from where you would be making the call) as a ‘Registered Number’. We recommend this step, as you will avoid entering the PIN every time you call India.
Step 3: Identify the list of access numbers, from the city closest to your current location. You can also call our toll free access number (1- 800-815-9646).

Step 4: From your phone, dial the stored access or toll free number. Directly enter your destination number with the 011 prefix for international calls.

e.g. 011+country code+destination number

Final Words - rates are on higher side if you use Plan 1 or Plan 2. Plan 3 provides a cheaper option but it only worth for long callers. Still I always wonder, what if your call gets disconnected early. I remember this issue when i have used Pennytel and Fizzcall untimed calls. Anyway overall this service is good to try. We have not tried or tested their call quality and payment system. All the information written here are our personal review based on the information available on


  1. "90 minutes;call rate will be 0.72 US cents/min"

    ROTFL! This is the BEST case scenario? They must be catering to fools or the very clueless!

  2. ooops! Please don't post that! I missed the decimal point! That is a good rate. I read it as 7.2 cents!!! Sorry!

  3. Hey that's a good blog very informative thank you.


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