Sunday, April 25, 2010

Airtel World Sim – Cheap calls during International roaming

You must have heard of various providers offering International Sim card which can be used during your International roaming. These pre-activated Sim cards help you save a lot of money and you always stay connected anywhere in the world. Today we will discuss about Airtel World Sim.

Airtel, India’s largest mobile operator has recently introduced a special pre-paid Sim for the International travelers. It is called the Airtel World Sim. The Airtel World Sim card allows you to receive and make International roaming outgoing calls at a very affordable price. The best part about this Sim is that it is an Indian number. The Sim works in over 150 countries world wide.
In our previous article on International roaming we spoke about Clay Telecom and its tariff details. We will briefly compare the tariff plans between Airtel and Clay. Let suppose you travel to USA from India. Here is a snapshot of the tariffs.

Airtel World Sim:

Incoming Calls from India: 0.21
Outgoing Calls to India: 0.87
Outgoing Calls to USA: Mobile - 0.65/Landline - 0.43

Incoming SMS: Free
Outgoing SMS: 0.52

Clay Telecom Sim:

Incoming Calls: Only free in USA
Outgoing Calls: 1.0

Incoming SMS: As per the Country
Outgoing SMS: 0.65

* all rates are in US Dollars

Airtel claims to offer a saving of 85% to its customers who use the Airtel World Sim. The Sim is currently available only in NCR. Airtel is no doubt the best provider in India in terms of the quality of service. But the tariff seems to be costlier when compared to other providers. We leave it to our readers to decide further. One more suggestion, think about using WiFi hotspots like Boingo at airports, restaurants and cafeterias for making cheap VoIP calls.

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  1. i've made a crazy mistake of getting this ipre sim card for my 2 month stay in the usa. It offers good rates, 5rs per min to india and local. But its service is worse than the worst. No call gets connected and you are charged even then. The people don't respond and give common sense solutions like you dumb or don't know how to read. I really say don ever take this risk!

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