Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Likiwi Free unlimited calls to Facebook Friends and France Landlines & Mobiles

In Past we have discussed few VoIP related Facebook applications like 8x8 Connect & Vivox chat system. Today we will discuss about Likwi which is a French based company providing Free advertisement based calling to your Facebook friends and calls to France Mobiles/Landlines(as of now)through Facebook application.

Advertisement based free Calling services become very famous specially with Tuitalk, Ringplus and Free411. Here you need to watch or listen a short Ad and company will sponsor your limited period call.

Likiwi offers a Facebook application by which you can make free calls to your Facebook friends who uses Likiwi and free phone calls to landlines and mobiles of France. In a short conversation with support people the said -

"Don’t forget that your friend must be on the Likiwi application to receive your call.

You can make calls to all of your friends on Facebook but Likiwi is working to classic landlines and mobiles phone only to France. We are working on opening very soon more destinations ;)

Do not hesitate to add as a friend “Likiwi Web” on Facebook if you want support and try a call."

How Likiwi works -
  • Visit http://appli.likiwi.com/ and add the application
  • Now call any of your Facebook friend (Ask them to add the app also)
  • Before call you have to watch an AD of 20 to 40 sec then your call will be connected
  • You will earn points after watching the Ad which can be used to call regular lines.
I hope they will include more international destinations soon with the service.

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