Sunday, May 30, 2010

Debranding (Unlocking) your Handset is Good or Bad?

Are you a tech freak and fond of High end mobiles? if yes then this will be a very interesting article for you. Now a days mobile phones are equally good and efficient like computers. Now you have mobiles with high end processors, RAM, Sensors and much more. But Are you using it 100%?

We have covered many of high end mobile phones in Mobile Reviews.Usually most of the High end phones comes with operator contract until you pay a huge price for them. So many people choose to debrand their cell phones. But here are few good and Bad things of Debranding -

Pros of De-branding
  • Get Rid of some annoying operator Logos and Applications
  • Unlock the features which are locked by particular service provider, for example - Ability to switch to dual network mode
  • Remove bugs of your old firmwares
  • Unlock your phone to use it independently with any other operator

Cons of De-brading
  • Obviously you will loose your warranty
  • There may be a risk of loosing your phone completely, because of failure of update process
Actually Debranding is nothing but flashing your phone again with different firmware. Because of this firmware update you mostly get new features that are included in new firmware. Personally I will suggest this to only advance phone users. Watch out for my next article on custom firmwares.

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