Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Improve call quality by selecting your VoIP calling route with Zenofon

Zenofon comes with an innovative feature which allows you to select your calling route best for your country. I don’t think that any of the VoIP companies allow you to select your calling route if you have some call quality issues such as echo, low voice quality, no caller ID, or busy signals in calling your destination. This is a unique feature that we may notice from zenofon. Apart from this you can always try it for one hour free call with our zenofon invite. Moreover zenofon adds 99 cents for each friend you refer.

Most of the companies purchase the calling minutes in bulk from different providers, one company could be better for one destination and average for other. Additionally, the same company might be good one day, but bad another day.

Generally we disconnect the call and reconnect it and it works fine. But if you have such problems regularly or for longer period, you need to contact the customer care then they fix the problem.

Zenofon has just created this feature where you can fix this problem yourself. All you have to do is the following steps:

  1. Call in the usual way, at the voice prompt, “please wait while we connect your call”, hit the # key.
  2. You will be taken to a voice menu that asks you if you want to change the way we route your call. If you want to change the way we route it, press 1 or 2. (In the future you might be given up to 10 choices.)
  3. Allow the call to route to your destination using the new route.

Do you like this feature? Please give your feedback about this feature after you try the zenofon for free.

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