Friday, May 28, 2010 Airtel Asia Review: Not recommended

AirtelAsia, a south India based VoIP service provider, claim to offer cheap calls to India as cheap as 0.9 Euro/min. Moreover there are many companies (legal/illegal) operating in gulf countries, some really provide good service but some cheat the customers. So better to avoid such companies.

The name AirtelAsia is not from Airtel, they just copied the name to mislead the customer base. Apart from this, the owner of AirtelAsia, , have  couple more of such sites.

Except the look and feel, both these sites have the same registration procedure.

AirtelAsia service may be genuine or fake company. We suggest our readers to avoid such companies, We haven’t tried the service yet. If any of you have tried then please share your comments.


  1. I tried the service and found excellent

  2. I am trying to make calls but its not connecting maybe its fake I have filled in EUR 10 and the money seems to have gone wasted. What do I do now? They are not even picking up their customer care number.

  3. can`t help really... We have said "Not recommended"

  4. i am using airtelasia last 3 year. i am very happy this card. this company customer care working daily 18 hrs. i am regularly call. 12345 is c care number. what problom u face?


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