Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How secure is VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol ?

Most of us come across a lot of VoIP applications each day. Most of the articles that we publish here only speak about VoIP. VoIP is gaining popularity worldwide. With the rapid penetration and increasing awareness amongst users, VoIP is the buzz word these days. But how secure is VoIP? Can I transmit data over VoIP securely?

The answer is not really. Since VoIP is an internet-based service, you are bound to experience some threats. Unlike conventional wired telephony, VoIP services are yet to become secure. There are various ways one can secure the VoIP - Use of Firewalls, encryption, monitoring the data calls and building spam-free network architecture. Some experts also say that to hack a VoIP service, the hacker may have to access the network physically. This may not seem so easy for the hacker.

One more area which pose a serious problem for VoIP users is fraud. Fraud techniques used in email phishing can be used in voice calls as well. The only way to determine whether there is a fraud is to cross-check it with the real information.

Manufacturers such as Avaya are looking at encryption to prevent this type of threat. Meanwhile, other vendors are looking at how they can embed security in the IP switches in the core of the network to prevent attacks.

VoIPSA, the VoIP Security Alliance, is an organization which is working seriously on the security issues related to VoIP. VoIPSA promotes VoIP security research, awareness and free VoIP testing methodologies and tools.

While the security threats for VoIP are real, if users take proper precautions they can be assured their voice communications will be safe.


  1. Voice signal is converted into digital signal so it is more difficult to tapped than voice signal that runs over telephone networks.

  2. The fact is that all major giants have been a victim of hackers. The situation gets worst when we come to know that giants of the industry are a major target of hackers. However, surprisingly, small voip phone service vendors have never been targeted by any hacker. I don't know why.


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