Thursday, May 13, 2010 cheap international calling directly from mobile phone or landline, a new service from dellmont, targeted to the customers who does not like PC to phone calling and wants hassle free solution to call directly from their mobile phone. If you have unlimited local calling plan then this is the right service for you. They also provide mobile applications for most of the mobile phones. On top, they are cheapest international call provider today; For example to calling rate to India mobile is 0.005 EUR (half cents) or 0.006 USD, which allow you to call India for 1666 Minutes (27 Hours).

How does CallingCredit works?
CallingCredit tells your phone to access the CallingCredit system through a local access number. If you have a contract with your mobile operator, calls to the CallingCredit access number will normally fall within your regular monthly bundle. If you are a pay-as-you go customer, your mobile operator will typically charge you the cost of a local call. Once your call has reached the CallingCredit access number, Lowcaller takes care of connecting the call.

You can also share account with other friends by adding their numbers, you can add up to 5 numbers.

Calling credit does NOT provide the following features as provided by other Betamax brands.
  • PC-to-phone software to call
  • SIP server settings
  • No free days
  • Mobile application to call using your 2Gm,3G Data plans.


Try calling credit only if you have unlimited monthly calling plans, otherwise you may end up paying more than for your local calls then your international call. If you are thinking to use it with you mobile phone3G data plans then it will not work because CallingCredit does not use your mobile phone's data connection to set up calls. Moreover calling using fring will also not work, as callingcredit does not offer sip proxy server.

Supported phone:

Bold-9000 Curve-8350i Curve-8520 Curve-8900 Pearl-8220 Pearl-8230 Storm-9500 Storm-9530 Storm2-9520 Storm2-9550 Tour-9630

Iphone 2G, 3G, 3GS

3250 5230 5235 5320 5500 5530 5630 5700 5730 5800 6110 6120c 6121c 6124c 6210Navigator 6220 6290 6650 6700 Slide 6710Navigator 6720 6730 6760 6788 6790 C5-00

Nokia E-Series
E51 E52 E55 E61i E63 E66 E71-1 E71x E72 E75 E90 ES50 ES60 ES61 ES62 ES65 ES70

Nokia N-Series
N73 N75 N76 N77 N78 N79 N80 N81 N81 N82 N85 N86 N91 N91 8GB N92 N93 N93i N95 N95-8GB N95-3 N96 N96-3 N97 N97mini Nokia-X6

Samsung Phones
I7110 I8510 I8910 SGH-G810 SGH-i450 SGH-i520 SGH-i550 SGH-L870 SGHi560

Even your phone is not supported, you can directly call the access numbers


  1. its saying 0.011euro to call india mobile when i dialed. i have registered a complaint on there website.

  2. Too shady, complicated scheme! And, the user above says that people can get screwed when they try to call India mobiles. No thanks.

  3. How do I get this blogger e-mail id ?

  4. it is written at the bottom of this page

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  6. The best VoIP company for cheap calls I have seen on the net with no scams and stuff is
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  7. registed and credited with 10 euro.bur cannt make calls through access no.

  8. cheaaaaaaaaaap

  9. If you are looking for reasonable rates, you should try as the service and rates are pretty reasonable.

  10. I am sure, everyone who has Symbian S60 5th edition based mobiles e.g. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, 5530 XpressMusic or N97 will be missing Yahoo! Messenger very badly.

  11. How can i run Callingcredit on HTC magic using sipcall


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