Friday, May 7, 2010

Skype Country Specific New Monthly Subscription Plans including India

Skype is most popular PC to PC calling application worldwide which accounts for 12 percent of the world's VoIP international calls according to TeleGeography Research. Skype is famous for its best voice and video quality. Usually Skype has high calling rates as compared to other VoIP providers, but now Skype has launched new pay monthly subscription plan which will save upto 70% from normal calling rates, this is really a BIG news for skype lovers.

"Skype's new monthly subscriptions lower the cost of international calling and make it simple to choose the plan that best meets your needs," said Neil Stevens, General Manager of Skype's Consumer Business Unit. "People around the world can now have the simplicity and flexibility to call almost any phone in the world for less."

Customers will now have more choice with subscription plans available in 60-minute to unlimited packages, and the ability to buy 1-month, 3-month and 12-month calling subscriptions.

We will Take Example of INDIA -

For Landlines and mobiles

60 min package - $1.79/month (i.e. call rate 3cents/min)
120 min package - $3.39/month (i.e. call rate 2.8cents/min)

(with min 3 month subscription)

If you compare normal Skype rate to INDIA is 9.2cents/min that means 72% saving. So if you are skype lover, this is good news for you.

To check new Skype PayMonthly Plans Visit here.


  1. small correction,its the other way

    60 min package - $1.79/month (i.e. call rate 3.0cents/min)
    120 min package - $3.39/month (i.e. call rate 2.8cents/min)

  2. Thanks Geek

    It was a typo error ... i corrected it

  3. Prices actually went up. I've been paying $6/mo for unlimited calls to Thailand. New subscribers have the choice of
    60 min for $6.29 or 120 min for $11.99.

    Somehow I think $6 for unlimited is a better deal.

  4. there are more cheaper options available to call India such as Nymgo and softcall. They have same quality and features as skype with lower calling rates

  5. Definitely Kevin There are so many options available cheapest one like Calltopbx. But still few people like Skype only.

    As i mentioned in the article Skype counts for almost 12% of Pc calling..


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