Saturday, May 1, 2010

vYEw Free Live Web Conferencing and Meeting Platform

Online Web conferencing, Webinars and training sessions plays an important role in success of your business. There are number of free and Paid online web conferencing services available in the market now. Obviously Free services provides some limited functionality and Ads in sessions. Today we will discuss about a free and useful online web conferencing service vYEw.

vYEw is a easy to use collaborative platform. Main features of vYEw are -

General Features
  • Sign-up for Vyew for FREE and use it indefinitely - no annoying limited time trials.
  • No downloads necessary, start sessions from any web browser on any computer.
  • Get into a meeting in under 10 seconds!
  • Each web meeting becomes a historically archived VyewBook for future referencing.
  • Pages can be inserted, removed, re-arranged, and easily flipped-through.
  • Flexible, PowerPoint-like Authoring Draw, import, move, paste, scale, etc.
  • Intermix a paragraph from a Word doc, an Excel spreadsheet table, and picture all on one page.
  • All meeting content is auto-saved in real-time, always available to authorized users.
  • Allow users to review, comment or build content even when you're not present.
  • Never worry about losing work, even if a connection is lost.
  • Publish your meetings via direct URL or embedded in a webpage/email.
  • Import a large array of file types like DOC, XLS, PDF, PPT, JPG, GIF, PNG, SWF, TXT, RTF, MP3, FLV
  • Real-Time Desktop Sharing
  • Useful Plug-ins, MP3 Player Flash Video (FLV) / YouTube Player ,DiagramVyew Beta, Graphing Calculator, Equation Editor
Communication Features -
  • Built-in Voice Over IP (VOIP), Push To Talk button for instant verbal communication.
  • Built-in Webcam Video - Up to 5 other users can also broadcast their video webcam.
  • Use standard phones within the USA to call into a conference call system.
  • Ideal for presentations or collaboration with up to 150 people.
Although vEYw offer free subscription but it has limited functionality and Ads. if you need features like custom branding, Multiple meetings and expandable participant limit then you need to go for paid subscription.

They have three Registration Plans

1. Free Plan - Basic Features, Concurrent user limit of 10, Vyew Book Limit of 20
2. Plus Plan ($9.95/month) - Advertisement Free, up to 80 concurrent users, Vyew Book limit of 50, Expandable participant limit, custom URL
3. Professional Plan ($19.95/month) - Advertisement Free, up to 80 concurrent users, Vyew Book limit of 150, Expandable participant limit, custom URL, Custom Branding, Host multiple meetings at same time.

They offer a discount of 20% if you pay for one year and 30% if you pay for two years upfront.

Visit vYEw


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