Wednesday, March 31, 2010 Free calls subscription to Egypt, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Ukraine, Serbia and Montenegro

FreeVoipDeal, a newly launched service from Dellmont srl, offering 240 minutes (4 hours) of free calls Egypt, Pakistan mobile, Sri Lanka, Iran, Ukraine, Serbia and Montenegro for 10 EUR a month.

Basically it is a subscription based service, you subscribe to use 240 minutes in 30 days and if you are not able to use the minutes, it will be expired or if you have exceeded your 4 hours of FREE calling your calls will be charged at our normal cheap rates.

There are no hidden costs or long-term contract and you can stop using our service whenever you want. If the destination of your choice not a FREE destination you can always buy Pay as you Go credit and call these destinations. 

You can buy the free subscription by selecting “Free calls subscription” after you have logged into your account. You can also select “Pay as you GO” If you don’t want subscription.

Please note that Subscription can’t be bought via reseller or money transfer, you must use your credit card, paypal or other payment methods. If you buy the credit with reseller then you will have to pay the normal rates.

In particular, the free subscription destinations are
  • Egypt Fix phone and  Mobile
  • Serbia Landline
  • Montenegro Landline
  • Iran Landline
  • Ukraine Landline
  • Sri Lanka Landline
  • Pakistan Mobile

More information at

Apart from all, FreeVoIPDeal offers all the regular service, which is offered by other dellmont/betamax services like PC2phone, Phone2phone, via local access and SIP calling. You can use the following

Freevoipdeal SIP settings in your SIP device.
SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server :
Account name : your FreeVoipDeal username
Password : your FreeVoipDeal password
Stunserver (option) :


  1. The online market is bombarded with a number of wholesale dealers who promise to provide you with reseller agencies at affordable rates. For finding them, all you need to make an extensive search through the internet.

  2. How can i purchase freevoipdeal service/card in egypt? ahmed

  3. Dear Friends,

    i have 2 question


    How long it will be free for Pakistani Mobile Deal? and after finishing free 240 minutes, how much they will charge for Pakistani Mobile.

    2nd question - i reasearch all the voip services and i found the best rates are giving for pakistan only these 2 companies,

    so i just kindly request you guys to analyse both sevices rate and give your best opinion @
    Kashan Rizvi (Saudi Arabia) Riyadh
    +966 54 133 1211

  4. in some countries like united arab emirates, free voip is kind of blocked. Is there a way that one can still use it?


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