Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Zenofon $300 quick contest, Win free call credit

Zenofon is famous for their referral system and also offers one hour free trial credit. Zenofon is soon going to reach 20,000 members, on this occasion zenofon is running $300 quick contest.

Why to use zenofon?
Zenofon is the first company where one can continue calling without buying a credit if you have large friend circle. Just keep referring the friends and tell them to refer their friends. You will get referral bonus that is sufficient to use for you calls.

Click here to register.

Apart from this zenofon offers
  1. One hour free to USA (half hour to India)
  2. $10 free call credit when you register your credit card.
  3. Unlimited referral bonus.
And with this contest if you are 20,000th member or you refer the 20,000th member, you will be eligible for $100 free credit.

Under Zenofon $300 promotion
  • Whoever signs up as the 20,000th member will receive $100 in free credit. 
  • Whoever refers that person that signs up as the 20,000 member, will receive $100 in free credit as well.
  • Zenofon will also divide $100 in free credit, in the typical Zenofon manner, to the people who referred the person who signed up the 20,000 member.

Register as soon as possible to become 20,000th member and start referring your friends and see the magic of zenofon.

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