Sunday, October 25, 2009

Enable auto-recharge and get $10 FREE from zenofon

If you are an existing Zenofon member you might be aware that Zenofon is giving $10 credit for free if you enable auto-recharge by giving your credit card details. You will get $3 free immediately, and $7 more over the next 7 weeks and the best thing is that no purchase necessary. I didn’t see much negative points in this except you need to store the credit card details, Seems they are looking for real, serious customers.
This promotion is for existing customers only. If you are still not a customer of zenofon, Click this ZENOFON INVITE LINK to join and become existing customer and enjoy 60 minutes free calling and then participate in this promotion.

As soon as you log in to you will see this message
Enable auto-recharge and get $10 FREE (check details)
Once you see the promotion click on the link and follow the procedure.

There are three steps to redeem this promotion:
  1. Create a Credit Card Profile by saving your credit card details.
  2. Enable auto-recharge option.
  3. Finally click on 'Get this promotion' to get first $3 instantly
This was tested by our readers got $3 instantly and waiting for $7 to be credited in the next few days. You can redeem one Coupon per Account. Do not try with same credit card if you have multiple zenofon accounts. If you didnt see this promotion on the initial screen please click the 'balance and recharges' and you will see the message like below Credit Card recharge is disabled for this account. Contact customer service to correct this! If you are interested , contact Customer Service and get this free promotion.

Good things
+ You will get $3 with out any purchase
+ Now zenofon lowered their rates (Currently 2.5 Cents/Minute)
+ You can disable this
+ Not a minute round billing ( I guess it is 20 Seconds round billing)
+ Zenofon is now enabled to call the access numbers with PIN. That means you can call any one who is not on your contact list also.
+ Earn referral credits by referring your friends.

Bad Things:
- If you really like this service then go for it, otherwise if you want to only enjoy the free calling then enabling auto-recharge means, giving access to charge your credit card with $5 or $10 when your balance reaches below $2. So be careful when you use the $3 free credit, when you will finish $1, your credit card will be charged with $5 making your net balance of $7.
- If you turn auto recharge off on your account it will stop crediting you with free time. Also, zenofon reserve the right to roll back your free time if they think you are making a pattern of getting free time continuously without the intention of ever paying

Thanks to Gopala Krishna Gudapati, the winner of our diwali contest, who share his detailed experience of zenofon auto recharge promotion. He got his $3 immediately, now its your turn. We also thank Dr Hitesh Patel for zenofon updates.


  1. Can you use a pre-paid credit card for this?

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