Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ringplus.net paid service for cheap calling to India and world :: Review

Yes calls to INDIA less than 1 cent/min...Ringplus.net was the biggest hit last year. They have came with new concept of Advertisement based calling. The speciality of Ringplus was that they have covered almost all destinations arround the world. When we have published about Ringplus last year, they were offering 30 min free call to INDIA, but very soon they have reduced it to almost 5-6 min to INDIA per call. Now they have introduced paid minutes service for minuted following your free minutes per call. We have reviewd it and results are very interesting.

Ringplus.net paid service can be very much useful you because it can be the cheapest service to make international calls. Just have a look on Ringplus offer

You need to use Ringplus services as usual. First 5-6 min will be free.(in case of INDIA)
After your free minutes, your paid minutes will start at rate of 2 cents/min.

So if you make a call of 10 min average then for 10 minutes you will be charged 10 cents. So effective call rates will be 1 cent/min.. Isn`t that great.

As of now you can purchase minutes through pay pal payment gateway in 10$, 20$, and 30$. If you want a comparison with all free service see our previous post.



  1. Okay, what happens if I hang up before the paid minutes start? Is it still free?

  2. ya if you hang up before free call limit, you will not be charged .... This charge is only if you go beyond the free call limit...


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