Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lycamobile Prepaid Review: Free and Low cost calls from mobile Pre-Paid SIM card

Few Months back we published a review about Lebara Prepaid Mobile Service. To be honest these prepaid mobile service are very much popular among a particular group of people because of low cost domestic and international calling and easy to get connection. Today we will discuss about another Prepaid mobile service Lycamobile, which operates in six countries i.e. Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.
In 2006, Lycatel, the global market leader in the prepaid international calling card market, launched Lycamobile, its flagship mobile brand in the Netherlands. Since then, Lycamobile has grown rapidly attracting over 4 million customers already in the UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Italy.

Lycamobile Belgium

Lycamobile Italy

Lycamobile Netherlands

Lycamobile Sweden

Lycamobile Switzerland

Lycamobile UK

To attract new Customers and prove their service to customer friendly and cheap they are running several promotions.... Few of them are as follows --

Free SIM Card
Lycamobile is now offering new customers a FREE Pay as you go SIM card with online top-ups. Normally this SIM card costs 2.99£ in UK

FREE Calls & SMS
Calls and SMSs between Lycamobile Mobile customers in the UK are completely FREE, with no connection charge. All calls within the UK from Lycamobile to Lycamobile are FREE for the first 15 minutes, and charged at 10p per minute thereafter. All SMSs within the UK from Lycamobile to Lycamobile are FREE.
But their is one hidden condition, first is there is a connection fee of 10p per call and second is Fair use policy of 3000 minutes per month.

£5 FREE call credit to transfer your mobile number
You will receive £5 FREE call credit if you transfer your existing mobile number to Lycamobile Mobile. For this you need to call your current service provider and request a PAC code. For details you can call dial 322 from any existing Lycamobile

Refer and Earn
Earn £5 FREE call credit when you recommend a friend who buys Lycamobile SIM.

Call Eastern Europe at Half Price of 2p/min
All calls from UK to Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia will be charged at 2p/min.

Cheap International Calls from mobile, 
Australia: 4p-15p
Ghana: 7p-12p
Nigeria: 5p-10p
Pakistan: 9p
Poland: 2p-9p
Romania: 2p-15p
USA: 4p

This is from our side, Now i request our readers to drop there comments on Lycamobile.com services. We received some comments from our readers that these services offers exciting offers in the beginning and later on increase the rate. So think twice before you are planning to shift to this lycamobile or labramobile.


  1. what is the activation charges of lycamobile connection and we can use this lycamobile sim card in any mobile,,,,,

  2. activation is free ...all you have to do is insert your Lycamobile sim card in ur mobile and jus make a first call..tht would be your Welcome call...complete the prompt and the sim would be activated...you can use ur Lyca sim in any Pay as you go mobile (but cannot use in locked handsets or handsets provided by T-Mobile or any other network)
    Cheers :)

  3. Hmm, but if you think of people making a 5 minute phone call using Lyca they will be charged 4p/min, because Lyca charges a connection fee.

    Let's compare Kangatel's Call-by-Call service with Lyca Mobile's service where you have to change Sim cards.

    www.Kangatel.co.uk charges 4p to Australia from a mobile

    3p to Poland
    3p to India
    8p to Pakistan
    7p to Ghana
    3p to USA
    3p to Germany
    4p to Turkey

    all of the above rates are rounded up to the second, and absolutely no hidden fee, no use of inclusive numbers (which also cost you between 2.5p and 10p duh), no signup at all.

    It is currently the best service available in the UK.

  4. i have travelled from UK to Arabian Gulf (Dubai)
    with a new lycamobile SimCard, i'm not getting any connectionn here, would you please help me getting connection in this countery,I can recieve your reply im mail imam_hazim@yahoo.com

  5. Lycamobile cheating adverting posts!!! Becarefull!

    I bought a £10 of Lycamobile yesterday (23 April 2010) becuase I saw a big post at top of a shop window says buy £10 get £6 free calls. When I loaded the £10 credit on my sim, I found there is no £6 free calls, only £10. So I call Lycamobile, they said to me that the offer was ended on March 2010 (this conidtion is wrirtten in very small print at the post, because the post is at top of shop windows, none can read this small prints.

    1. First of all, if Lycamobile know the offers are ended, they should take the posts off from the shop, at the end date. Otherwise is cheating.

    2. Another problem of Lycamobile is they give large amount of free calls, such as buy £20 get £50 free. But they hidden a key fact: the free calls will ended any time Lycamobile wanted. For example I bought a £20 credit on 1 April 2010, They said they will give me £20 free calls, but the free calls will be ended within 30 days. Also they said calls between Lycamobile plus owners are free (on 1 April 2010), now they ended this offer. This is also a cheating adverting, if they offer buyers something, the offer must last at least the £20 card is over. If they can ended the offer at any time, then they can say buy £1 credit, you will get £100 free calls, but after 3 days they ended the offer, what the buyer will get?

    I have report this case to Ofcom and local council fair trade office, and proper to take legal action agaist Lycamobile.

    If anyone has experince as me do the same.

    1. Yeah I had this prob but any how lycamobile is the best

  6. Lyca mobile is the best service.

  7. Lyca might be ok if you use it in the UK but it's roaming fees are very costly.
    I'm in Italy at the moment and to call Australia would cost 4.44GBP per minute.
    That's if I could but I can't because I've found it impossible to buy a top-up from here. My Visa card was rejected twice when attempting to top-up online and the third time there was a database malfunction on their website. Customer service was useless, informing me that the only way I could top up from here was online. Even if I had managed to top up online they would have posted out a top up voucher to my UK address which is useless if you're not in the country.
    If you want roaming on your phone then don't even consider Lyca

  8. I am traveling from the UK to Bangladesh and wondering if lycamobile sim cards work in Asian countries?

  9. lycamobile doesn't accept sms from skype. Don't know whetter skype or lycamobile is the problem.

  10. why Australian don't have lycamobile,We need it in Australian.Thank u

  11. Lycamobile is now in Australia..
    I got a SIM and tried to use it yesterday, and it kept going into customer service hold message when i tried to dial any number (local or overseas)..

  12. I think lyca is not a pre activated SIM card, which could be the reason why you are unable to make calls. Try to register your Lycamobile number online or contact their helpline they should be helpful as they where to me.

    I highly recommend lyca...

  13. is it possible to use internet on black berry with layaca sim card ?plz tell me the process of it ..
    thanks from vikas

  14. Australia does have lycamobile...........

  15. how can i activate the bb service on my lyca??????

  16. how to activate bb services on lycamobile..?

  17. I purchased a lycamobile sim placed it into my phone and also purchase £10 top up, my phone is not connecting to the network it is saying no coverage and I am unable to contact the customer service department buyer beware don't touch these sims and definitely don't top up you are wasting your money.

  18. how do u use it on bb ??? howmuch do u top up

  19. Just be aware that they charge by minute (not second) and that special local number (e.g. 058 - business local tarif) can become prohibitif at around 0.50 CHF per minute

  20. this should be in Canada too plz!

  21. can i use lycamobile in the U.S to call to asapsin, snd how do i get started.also with which prepaid cell does it work?

  22. I ve got no idea about lyca working in another countries or not but in uk I think and I prefer lycamobile. Lyca is da best

  23. bad network coverage.
    browsing is not speedy.
    customer service awful.
    call rates good thats the best rest nothing.

  24. I bought a sim and had nothing but trouble and when I went back to the shopping centre they where gone rang number on leaflet they hung up 4 time then I SAID i was recording this call and they stayed on . I had absolutely no joy they are a waste of space. time and money . I suppose I'LL LOOK AT THIS AS A CHEAP LESSON IN THE LONG RUN .so fellow mobilers keep your money and stick with the tried and trusted and the ones that walk the talk and at least have some kind of back-up. .

  25. i want to call someone in usa from a lycamobile. will it cost the person in usa?

  26. thx for feedback, will not be using them. Am hearing reports they take to much from your account as well (aussie here)

  27. Lycamobile operates under which MNO operator in Sweden?


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