Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Diwali contest winners

Shubh Deepawali to all freevcalls readers. This Diwali brings to you lots of joy, happiness, wealth in your life and off course lot of free calls. We thank all the participants who participated in Happy Diwali 2009 contest, as usual everybody can't be winners, we have selected few of them who have helped to spread freevcalls in their community. Congratulations to all winners.

Gopala Krishna Gudapati (USA)

2nd Winner
Kiran Kumar Satyavarapu (USA)

3rd Winners
Hidden Name (Germany)
Neha Jain (UK)
Krishna Chaitanya Vissapragada (USA)

4th Winners
Raaghv sharma (USA)
Ramesh Krishnan (USA)
Nikhil Wadhwa (India)
Palla harin reddy (Italy)

33 Consolation prize winners

We have sent the cards to all the participants, please register this card on or before 20th Oct 2009. if you think that you have participated and fulfill the participant criteria and still did not receive the card by mistake then please let us know by email ( but before that check your spam folder.

Please leave a comment once you have received the free calling card. Thanks for the participation.


  1. Thanks vikas, I god my Consolation prize card.

  2. Thank you. I received my 2nd winner calling cards. I wish colourful and joyful Diwali to all the readers of this blog.

  3. Hey I am the winner.....Good gift for Deepavali.
    Thanks Vikas

  4. thank u vikas.. i got my 4 th prize card and i am very happy that i got this prize..

  5. Hi, I think you should post name of consolation winners also.

  6. I didn't recv my card. Pls send it.

    Mohamed Faisel

  7. Thanks a lot!!

    FreeVcalls simply rocks! :D

    good work guys...

  8. Hi Mohamed Faisel

    you have not entered your Email id.... We will send you the card now....

    Enjoy Diwali

  9. Thanks to FreeVcalls Team for the contest.

    Happy Deepavali to all.


  10. hi vikas,

    i won the 4 prize. Thnx for the gift, just activated my pingo cards.

    Happy Diwali to all


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