Saturday, October 24, 2009

Unlimited Free International Video calling, Video Email with

Days are gone for Text and voice based chatting, Video calling is the latest thing and there are many applications which provide free Video Chat. Most famous is Skype , then Yahoo messenger and Google video chat follows it. But what about Video calling totally hassle free without any downloads. SnapYap is a video communication tool that allows you to participate in live video calls, record video messages, and send and receive video emails with absolutely no downloads. Designed to be as straightforward as possible, the applications on make video technology available to anyone with a webcam and an internet connection. We have review there service and find it very interesting in terms of simplicity and user friendly interface.

First i will just list down main features of SnapYap
  • Totally Free International Video calling, Calls to any part of the world
  • High quality Video and Audio
  • Unique Video mail service.. With this service you can send instant video messages to any offline user or a non SnapYap user
  • Simple one step registration process
  • No Softwares to download and install, Service directly works from your browser

How to use Video calling Facility in SnapYap
I think nothing much to tell about it, probably the simplest procedure --

STEP 1 ::
STEP 2 :: If you are using the service first time than you need to register. For this just click on the Register link on top of page
STEP 3 :: Just fill in the information like Name, Valid Email, DOB etc and click on register
STEP 4 :: Now you can directly use there service without any hassle of activation link.
STEP 5 :: Just Sign in with your login and password and allow Flash plugin to use your camera and microphone.
STEP 6 :: In the left side you can enter the user name or email of your friend with whom you want to call(He should be on SnapYap too)

Thats it you can enjoy interrupted Free and unlimited Video calling. If you are an existing user then its just a 2 step process.

How to send Video Email
There is one more interesting feature of i.e. Video Email. If any of your friend in not available on SnapYap or he is offline and you want to send him a nice video message then this is a matter of just two clicks with SnapYap. Here is the process--

STEP 1 :: Just login with you Username and password in SnapYap
STEP 2 :: Enter the email id of you friend Just like you have done for video calling. If your friend id not available on SnapYap then a window will popup to send a video message to him. Here you can enter message and record a video for your friend.
STEP 3 :: Your friend will receive an email containing the link of your message within seconds.

These features make SnapYap a unique service. Video email service is not available with other services. Above all, SnapYap service is totally free to use and you don't need to download anything.


  1. can you make voice call to any mobile

  2. no this facility can be used only between SnapYap users...

  3. Can I use this if I am out of the country?


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