Monday, October 26, 2009 Cheap calls to INDIA and World with mobile VoIP and SIP support

We have discussed number of VOIP providers and as you can see day by day we see call rates are coming down. Almost every VOIP provider now provide similar features. The only thing which differ them is call rates. Obviously main competitor is Betamax and Dellmont services, because they are the cheapest one at least in their latest launch. Today we will discuss about a SIP based Softcall VOIP service provider.
Lets have a small snap shot on main features of

(+) Cheapest international call rates, India 1.3 US cents/min
(+) Online user account Mangament with features like --
  • Real-time credit balance display and update
  • Real time cost per minute display to the called destination
  • Up to 5 way conference calls
  • Conversation recording and playback
  • Call history ledger
  • Free of charge Peer to Peer conversations
  • Live Calls Details Records checking.
(+) Moderate Voice Quality
(+) Light Softphone Client
(+) Freedom to use with any SIP device including Mobile SIP devices and softwares like Fring and Nimbuzz
(+) Verisign Secures Website so that you can be assured of reliable source
(+) Supported Audio call: G.711 aLaw/uLaw, GSM, iLBC, G723.1, G729
(+) Support P2P call without SIP proxy server
(+) Both monthly and "Pay as you go" Plans are available
(-) Internet Connection is must , you don`t have facility to call through access numbers
(-) Video calling feature not supported yet
(-) No online customer Support

Softcall SIP details
SIP Server Or SIP Proxy Server:
SIP User ID: username
Authenticate ID: username
SIP password: password
SIP Port: 5060/5061
Codec Used: g729/g723

As you can see with highlights, it is worth trying , Altough its a softphone or SIP based calling service but that how VOIP work. If you are looking for a cheap VOIP service then you must think about


  1. Call quality was not that much good

  2. its copy of nymgo what i see one good feature of nymgo which is missing in softcall me is callerd id in nymgo we can use our mobile no in nymgo pricing is same as nymgo looks like another company of nymgo all country calling packages are same

  3. I have contacted their customer support asking about rates and quality and here is the answer:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for contacting SoftCall.ME support. We would like to inform you that SoftCall.ME did not officially lunch yet. The official Lunching date shall be December 20th, 2009.

    Our offers are not final. By then, we shall be offering highly competitive rates beating the market.

    In regards to the quality, we are currently deploying our SIP proxies worldwide. Once this stage is completed, you shall be able to use our services with the best quality available as you shall have a proxy close to where you are.

    We thank you for your support.

  4. LOL

    From where you get customer support... no information on website

  5. When you buy credit it shows on the email sent to you. It seems that it is not yet the official release. the support email is; it is intuitive though!!!!

  6. Someone said, "LOL. From where you get customer support... no information on website".

    Obviously, you did not look hard enough! LOL. Click on the tab that clearly says "Support" OR click on the direct link below:

  7. hi I am ham I am using action voip on windows xp prof.,before its clear now have some sound problems

  8. hi, i cant make call from 2 days.why?


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