Monday, October 19, 2009

Cheap calls to INDIA and world from USA with RING123PINLESS.COM Review

I hope that all FreeVcalls readers had enjoyed Diwali with their loved ones. Once again we want to thanks to all our readers for great response in FreeVcalls Diwali 2009 contest. We always provide you great options to stay in touch with your family through cheap or free VOIP. Today we will discuss about, which is provind cheap International calling with added features and no account expiry.

Ring123Pinless is an online phone cards/ custom Pins store proving cheap calls to INDIA and world. Now a days we can easily get cheap calling rates over VOIP. There are so many service provider who always gives a flame to burning pricewar in VOIP industry. Well is not a new provider, We have reviewed there services in terms of cost and features.

(+) Cheap calling rates to all Destinations. Call rates are
INDIA 1.8 cents/min to 2.6 cents/min
Bangaladesh 4.2 cents/min
Pakistan 8.99 cents/min
(+) Rechargeable Pinless Dialing
(+) No Expiration of Credit value
(+) No monthly, connection or hidden fees
(+) Register Multiple phones
(+) Immediate account activation
(+) Over 4000 Local Access numbers from USA
(+) Secure website (verified by
(+) Total Online account Management (Call History and Payments)
(+) REFER A FRIEND Program offers 5% commission on your friend`s purchase.
(-) Transaction fee of 0.59 cents per transaction for transaction less than 50$
(-) Average Voice Quality
(-) Manual Verification for first time purchase

All we can say is, they have tried to put everything for a calling card service. They also have one dedicated plan for INDIA as INDIA 20/20 Plan in which in 20$ , you will get 20 hours of Calling. We would recommend this service to users who use bulk calling. Please leave your comments about the service....


  1. Transaction fee of 59 cents! These companies better get their head straight. People are now used to companies that put 100% of the money towards calls - no admin fees, no transaction fees,no nonsense! Any company who introduces ANY kind of additional fees will be putting up a red flag. Make no mistake.

  2. Actually, I tried almost all the companies, not even one is straight in terms of putting 100% of money towards calls. I tried Raza, amantel, reliance, airtel, many others none of them deliver the mintues promised.
    At first i didnt like the .59cents too but atleast this company is honest in charging it, now i recharge for $50 and dont even pay that .59cents anymore. BTW i recharged yesterday and the rate is 1.66cent/minute I got $50 = 50hours. I think its a bargain specially when we dont have to worry about any hidden charges unlike all other companies out there.

    Pradeep Gupta.

  3. Hello everyone my name is Rajesh I agree with Pradeep, Ring123pinless is honest. I use this company too and checked every single call and when calculate it was perfect, not even a penny extra in charges. I definitely suggest this company to those who are tired of paying hidden charges. All my friends and family now use this company.

    Rajesh Chawla

  4. It's indeed true that calling India is becoming very very cheap nowadays due to heavy competition in the market

  5. now it is more 1.5 on cell and 2 cent on landline...and for pakistan customer it just 2 cent per minute to call to pakistan...i like this company


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