Friday, October 30, 2009

VoxOx introduces cheap Unlimited calling plans Review

VoxOx is probably the best communication software for those who want all in one kind of stuff. VoxOx software features all facilities like, Unlimited VOIP calls, Free Incoming voice number, Free Instant messenger services (GTalk, MSN, Yahoo messenger, ICQ, Facebook and skype) under one login, Text messaging around the world, Free Video calling, Email, Free incoming Fax number and outbound Faxing. VoxOx is continuously working on to make user experience more positive and richer. Recently VoxOx launched Unlimited calling plans for their voice services which are cheaper than other similar services like Skype.

Last year VoxOx launched services with free international calling including INDIA by trial minutes. Since then they have improved there software a lot and included lot of features like upto 20 party call conference. Latest software version of VoxOx is Version 2.0.5 which supports Windows XP, Winodws Vista and the latest Windows 7.

Now Lets discuss about New unlimited calling plans. VoxOx launched two unlimited calling plan --

1. US and CANADA Unlimited calling Plan (2.45$/month)
Probably the cheapest plan for USA and Canada. Comparing with other providers VoxOx is cheaper. This plan is having a fair usage limit of 3000 minutes/ month.

2. Worldwide Unlimited calling Plan (12.95$/month)
Main highlight of the VoxOx is inclusion of 60 free calling countries in unlimited calling plan. Again the disappointment is fair usage limit of 3000 min/month. so that means if you use maximum of 3000 minutes also then call rate will be around half a cent.

I always wonder about these unlimited plans that why to pay for making free calls to these countries which are already there in Free calling destinations in Betamax or Dellmont services. Whats your opinion ..... Which one you choose Free calls with Betamax or Dellmont or paid Unlimited calling plans by Skype or VoxOx.


  1. It seems its fair usage limit is more (3000 mins/week) than Betamax (200 mins/week) and has more free countries compared to Betamax. But does it support sip devices?

  2. Nabin

    Free call limit is 3000minutes/month and VoxOx doesn`t support SIP as of now.


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