Tuesday, March 16, 2010

UnlimitedIndiacalling.com Review : Unlimited Calls to INDIA $2.95/month promotion

Recently we published Unlimited India calling plan of $14.99/month by Vonage and today we found another unlimited calling plan to India in just $2.95 from UnlimitedIndiaCalling. Well don't get surprised its just for the first month trial. We have reviewed their service and promotion to get the real picture.

Main Highlights:
  • First month trial in $2.95 instead of $19.95/month (taxes extra)
  • Free Voice Priority Adapter
  • USA Local phone number
  • Keep your existing phone number feature
  • Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Voice mail, Caller ID Block, Call return
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Activation
You should know before signing up for this promotion.
Under trial period:
  • Trial period limit of 500 minutes.
  • No refund or cancellation if used for more than 500 minutes.
  • You pay around $8-$10 taxes.
  • Trial period costs $10.95.
  • Non refundable qualification charge of $29 if accepted trial.
  • Customer must cancel Service through customer Care Department at the toll-free number listed on the first page of your invoice within thirty days of the Activation Date.
After first month:
  • Normal monthly limit of 5250 minutes. Account suspended if exceeds.
  • Calls limited to 20 numbers, account may be suspended if calls more than 20 numbers.
  • Around $28 per month including taxes.
  • Disconnect fee of $29.95 per account if canceled before once year.(if you have exceeded the trial)
  • Customers are solely responsible for terminating or canceling accounts. you will remain responsible for these charges until the account is properly cancelled.

Conclusion -

If you understand the limitations by the service provider, then you can consider the service based on your uses. We have not checked the call quality of this service so we can not comment on the call quality, but if you search on google, you may find some negative reviews. However the service seems to be reasonable comparable to other unlimited call providers as non of the unlimited call provider sprovide real unlimited calls to India, there are always hidden fees and limitations which makes it overall costlier than  pay as you go plans, The final decision is yours.

You can find more information here:

The views written above are my personal views and we are not paid by someone to write this review. You may be interested in read this post:
Is unlimited calling plan value for money?


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  2. how to call free to india from usa. 1800free411 is not working anymore.

  3. dont waste ur money by siging up for unlimitedindiacalling.com....they suck u up very big......this is how...

    unlimited india calling is a company that makes u fool.....coz even if u are not signing for unlimited plan, they still suck u up... see how... suppose u signed for 1025 mins plan for $10. Everytime u make a call they will charge u more for less.means if ur call lasted for 42 mins they will charge u for 57 mins.and by this they save mins.ur 1025 mins used up pretty soon.u can check this from ur local phone bill. they have charged me thrice on my credit card and they never replied to my emails..... they replied intially but when i mailed them each details that how i have been charged,, they stopped replying me.... they didnt even de activated my acocount... no reply..plz guys dont sign up for their services .... they suck u up.. they charge more for less mins.... that is how they make money.....

    u can see the call duration of a call to Local Access number from ur local company .....ur call wid UIC can never be more than ur local call

  4. I 100% agree with what Deepinder has said. I enrolled for their Summer Fun 2010 plan. I compared my T-Mobile call records to their access number and their call records. It does not match at all.

    If my call lasted say 37 mins, their call records shows 52 mins for that call. They are eating up my mins. Also the call quality is very poor. The calls keep dropping.

    Stay away from them.

  5. Stay away from unlimitedindiacalling.com.
    They are 'thugs'. i had bought $13.50 card. they charged $3.50 for processing. they don't have https site and then i found that after registering with them, my debit card was charged around $50 against a transaction named in favour of some reliance company. when i tried to contact unlimitedcalling.com customer care regarding it, they replied to register my complaint through email which eventually i did so. however, its reply never came. they say that your card would be charged once your minimum balance is $2 and if you are not going to continue their service, then that also goes in waste. so in a way you spend $13.50 and you just get $7 for the services.
    Its a terrible and fraud company.
    never go for it otherwise you would be robbed of your money.

  6. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CHEATER WEBSITE. I signup for the website by their promises and awesome price on website and I regrade it big time. everything they says on website is big lie. their customer service sucks and most of the time their network is down. I had to go through my credit card company to dispute charge because they wouldn't refund the money. if you want to save your money and time stay away from this.


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