Friday, March 26, 2010 Download the latest updated versions of ringomax dialers

Ringomax is one of the popular VoIP service in gulf countries. For the last few months, ringomax wasn’t working in the VoIP blocked countries and the calling credit of all the customers was blocked. Recently they released new versions of dialers on getringo website and which you can start using ringomax again.

Ringomax version 9.6 Pc2phone dialer fix all the issues. If you are already a customer of ringomax having some credit then you can visit ( without VPN and hotspot shield ) to download the new dialers.

  • PC to Phone dialer
  • Nokia N, E Series Mobile dialers (3G and wifi networks)
  • Dialers for Windows Mobiles
  • Iphone 3GS Mobiles softphone
  • Call Shop Software

Let us discuss here if you have problem with ringomax.


  1. hey, Ringomax is going to launch a completely diffrent technology dialer which is not available anywhere in the market.
    i heared this from one of thier technical staff member.
    he said this dialer ( only dialer ) cost them $25,000 dollars. it will be with jitter buffer, noise cancellation and no voice delay and GIPS ( Global IP Sound , widely used by Skype ) fetures.

    lets hope when they can release it.

  2. I am trying to open the getringo website several times. I couldn't open it. "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" message is appearing. Any one can help me

  3. Please open this one with S after HTTP :

    The new dialer of Ringomax will not be used for Ringomax servers.

    It will be used for new company which is running under Ringomax at


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