Tuesday, March 2, 2010

PowerVoip.com cheap calls to Nepal, Pakistan and India : a dellmont service in USD

Powervoip is offering cheapest call to many destinations mainly Nepal, Pakistan and also India and many other destinations.

Powervoip is a new service from Dellmont srl, it is the same company which owns jumblo, rynga, voipgain and voipblast. The only difference is that the rates are in USD instead of EUR.

Powervoip offers all the regular features.
  • SIP Calling
  • Phone-to-phone
  • Local access number
  • Cheap SMS
  • Reselling
  • Cheap Rates
  • Rates in USD
Something you may not like
  • $0.039 connection (less than 0.039 EUR)
  • Poor customer support (Don't expect reply of every email)
  • No free calls
Even paying connection fee, the rates could be much cheaper than you existing voip.

If you are already using other Betamax service and want to switch to powervoip, you can import your address book from your existing voip to powervoip (learn more)

If you are planning to use it with you SIP device, then you may use the sip.powervoip.com as sip server.

Powervoip website


  1. Powervoip is a big scam. The said on the web site that 0.039 is for the connection fee. Recently I took a closer look at the CDR and discovered that they are a big and smart thieves

    They took the 0.039 as well as the actual cost of the 4 mins used and a whopping 3$ billed to it...meaning they over-charged me...while advertising low rate, in the real sense they are over billing silently. If you have not be checking ur CDR, better start checking it now and settle for the best voip that you are sure of..

    If I have a way of attaching my CDR to this forum I will do it for all to see and be warned about powervoip scam

  2. i have to agree with gab...
    tried PowerVoIP and it truly is a big scam...

  3. i agree with u, powervoip and their money suckers keycollect are thieves in suit, tie and high technology garbs. as they offered cheapest calls, i opened four accounts of my friends and charged with moneybookers and paypal, and accounts were de-activiated even before using them. two accounts were used for sometime and de-activated. i tried to recapture my money, send emails, contact and feedback emails, but no reply came from them and their so called money transferring thugs. tried to call them by phone which is listed on web page, it rings, rings and rings and nobody reponses. blah blah blah so called european standard of eithics and business qualities. some cheaters learned it systems when they were in jails and put up powervoip business.

    i remember i used dialpad.com and they returned my money when they increased some countries rates and i claimed with them.

  4. Try http://www.WebCallDirect.com. I use it for over 8 months now and it saved me a lot of money.
    Even with a bad connection in your hotel, you will be able to make high quality calls with their phone to phone service. I stay in Thailand and call for €0.005 to Holland I pay for the use of my cell-phone here, calling landlines to many countries is free or cheap.


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