Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Etisalat launches legal VoIP solution for customers in UAE

Etisalat, the top telecom provider in UAE, has moved forward on the opportunity to provide its business customers with reliable and secure Voice Over IP (VoIP) solutions, after the legalization of the VoIP services by the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

According to Etisalat press release on 15 March 2010 –

In the first phase of its overall strategy to offer VoIP based services, Etisalat will design and deploy a bespoke VoIP-based solution for enterprise businesses so they can outsource the management of their telephone network thereby offering benefits such as a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and higher staff productivity.

The Etisalat VoIP solution will typically include the design, integration and deployment of IP-telephony equipment and software, along with management and maintenance of existing telephony solutions and the VoIP network.

“With the growth in IP networks, there is a significant opportunity for businesses to leverage the advantages of an integrated network and the convergence of voice & data through a VoIP solution. With Etisalat’s solution, customers now have a genuine alternative to capitalise on the potential of VoIP. This is why Etisalat has moved quickly to offer business customers the opportunity to implement this technology,” said Abdulla Hashim, Senior Vice President – Business Solutions.Etisalat.”

Earlier we had published about VoIP is going to be legal in UAE soon. Lets hope that soon Etisalat will launch voip to residential customers.


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  3. That's good that they're offering VoIP. It's definitely worth it, and it makes your business life a little bit easier.

  4. Nice to see that etisalat has finally decided to jump in to voip phone service business. Earlier it was banned in the UAE. I would suggest the government to allow other companies also to start their service as only healthy competition can give some benifit to the consumer.

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