Thursday, November 5, 2009

VoipGain : new VoIP after rynga jumblo actionvoip from dellmont

As expected, dellmont launched new voip service voipgain , I think this time they are trying to capture the non Indian market. They are offering extremely cheap calls to Pakistan and many destinations.

Don't get confused with Voipagain (Voip Again), it Voipgain (VoIP gain), both are different companies.

Still this service is not launched completely, if you visit voipgain splash page then you will see the message of coming soon if you visit their index page (, you can register, download the software and make phone calls.

Viopgain Features
  • SIP
  • Phone-to-phone
  • Local access number
  • SMS
  • Areacode
  • Reselling
  • Cheap rates

Voipgain SIP setting
  • SIP port : 5060
  • Registrar :
  • Proxy server :
  • Outbound proxy server : leave empty
  • Account name : your VoipGain username
  • Password : your VoipGain password
  • Display name/number : your VoipGain username or voipnumber
  • Stunserver (option) :
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  1. Do you know how many freedays they offer?

    I can't find this information.

  2. Here they come again with their gimmick and deceit. what happened to rynga and i have not exhausted my credit therein, so they will increase that and get me stucked in the middle...
    reason I must stick to my voip provider who does not give a surprise in rates..
    betamax sucks!!!

  3. voigain have conectin fee 0.39

  4. I use jumblo past same months. After that I use Rynga. They increase rate in middle without notice to India calls. Now again new voipgain. Plz make sure cheap calls to India. We need India cheap calls. I hope voipgain will do.

  5. I am one of user rynga. I have credit also. And have free days also. But when I dial Malaysia mobile it’s showing fair use policy exerted. Some other country’s calls showing its free call. I don’t know y same time like this deferent’s. anyone help to me?

  6. betamax cheats people, i am absolutely sure they dont give amount of free calls, as they have mentioned in the calllist to the free countries havenot exceeded the FUP, but still says u have exceeded the freecall limit.jumblo chage 2eur more in addition of purchsing 10 eur.localphone, rebtel is much better.they are stable in price...

  7. i am from uae trying to make user id in voipgain but coming message unknwon errro

  8. i started using voipgain and the calls are charged four times the given rates.i have been complaining to customer service for the last four days but they don't bother.only i receive a noreply email and no action is taken.i think they don'thave any customer service and it looks like they have no technical staff as well.i have stopped using voipgain.

  9. i started using voipgain and the calls are charged almost four times the stated charges on their website.i have been complaining to them but only i receive noreply mails but witout any action.their customer service is really hopeless.

  10. i started using voipgain and the calls are charged almost four times the stated charges on their website.i have been complaining to them but only i receive noreply mails but witout any action.their customer service is really hopeless

  11. i have been using voipgain for a week now. works perfect, and charges are 100% right. good connection and good rates to pakistan, bangladesh, indonesia etc. im using this provider for my business calls.

  12. I think this company not good, i made calls to Bangladesh ( the cost is 0.010 ) but it billed me more than 0.010:
    you can see here :
    Recent Calls Go to all calls
    Date Time Number called Duration Amount
    2010-04-29 07:01:04 +8801715595700 00:01:53 € 0.059
    2010-04-29 06:37:40 +8801918357821 00:02:17 € 0.069
    2010-04-28 22:43:10 +8801195152571 00:19:50 € 0.239
    2010-04-28 22:09:25 +8801915204260 00:00:40 € 0.049
    2010-04-28 21:43:49 +8801195152571 00:24:14 € 0.289
    2010-04-28 19:07:46 +8801712277306 00:14:43 € 0.189
    2010-04-28 19:06:59 +8801712277306 00:00:29 € 0.049
    2010-04-28 18:53:10 +8801818007701 00:12:38 € 0.169
    2010-04-28 18:50:45 +8801818007701 00:01:56 € 0.059
    2010-04-28 18:32:16 +8801715331011 00:12:58 € 0.169
    2010-04-28 18:26:46 +8801715331011 00:01:39 € 0.059
    2010-04-28 18:20:21 +88017146623177 00:01:11 € 0.059

  13. *****ATTENTION ALL*****

    voipgain charnge connection fees 0.039in every call .. its more expensive then others ..

    So please see all website beofre using voipgain .

  14. voipgain charges connection fees 0.039 beaware all users . please calculate all voipgain rates with this then decide PLEASE

    with all charge calls u must put : 0.039 connection fees

  15. i want buy voipgain balance plz help me i am in ksa

  16. I can help you to buy the credit.
    please contact me at with the details
    Where are you now?
    Where do you want to call?
    in which currency you would like to pay?

  17. plese you are send me Address rynga credit in pakistan and i wand to call Pakistan to Email ID

  18. searh in google for international cheap call rates ----> (voippk home)

  19. I AM PROBLEM voip free call, becouse I have 135 days free call, but I donot use only 50 mitis.
    what is problem how to call free limit on the weeks

  20. do NOT use Rynga... used approx. 120 minutes over the last 10 days... 108 free days left, and they say I've exceeded their fair use policy and have begun charging me. SCAM!


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