Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NimbuzzOut for Cheap VOIP international calls from Mobile

Nimbuzz and Fring are the most popular Mobile applications for communication. Both of them are equipped with all common messenger services (like GTalk, Yahoo Messenger and Skype etc), Social Networking(Orkut, Facebook, Twitter) and SIP facility to make cheap calls from Mobile phones. Few Days back Nimbuzz has announced a new service which will allow Nimbuzz to make Cheap international calls from there mobile phones over a 3G or WiFi network with Nimbuzzout Credits. We have reviewed the service and compare with other service to check Nimbuzzout is useful for you or Not?

Is this service really cheap? I mean to say what is the definition of cheap? There are SIP services which you can use on Nimbuzz SIP service and enjoy much much cheaper calls. Now almost all VOIP providers gives SIP option which you can use on any SIP device or application. If you take example of Betamax or Dellmont services like Rynga, Voipgain or Actionvoip, all these are cheap calling services and provides SIP facility. We have used them on Nimbuzz and it works very good over Wifi. Not lets compare the calling rates to USA and INDIA

NimbuzzOut provide USA to India calls from 8.2 cents/min to a high of 48cents/min as per Nimbuzzout website. Whereas other providers provide USA to INDIA calls from 1.5cents/min to 3 cents/min on SIP. (As of now NimbuzzOut service is only available for Symbian, iPhone and iPod Touch handsets)

So our final view is that NimbuzzOut is not at all cheap International call service. You can choose from variety of SIP service providers to make cheap or free International calls from Mobile rather than using NimbuzzOut.

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