Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Talk for INDIA Hour Campaign from IDEA cellular: Talk For a noble Cause

Last Year 26 Nov 2009, our country witnessed Shooting and Bombing attacks across Indian Financial Capital Mumbai. Terror had shown his bloody face once again on that day. In the incident more than 150 people have lost their life and so many got injured. We have lost some of our bravest Police officers in the incident. Who can forget Tukaram Omble, who caught the only alive terrorist Ajmal Kasab with bare hands. Who can forget Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte,Vijay Salaskar, Shashank Shinde, Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Hawaldar Gajendra Singh and many others from our Police and Arm forces. We are Thankful to our Police and Armed forces for protecting us 24X365. Indian Cellular Company Idea Cellular has announced one campaign “Talk for INDIA” Hour for a noble cause.

“An !dea can change your life” this is the punch line of Idea Cellular Ltd. Well this Idea can save someone’s life. Idea Cellular has announced one campaign, in which the company will donate net income generated from all calls made from Idea cellular mobiles subscribers in India during the campaign period to Police force of our country for procuring better protective gears.

Total Net income generated during this period from all 53 million subscribers will benefit the thousands of Policemen who risk their lives for the safety of Indian citizens. This is to ensure that these brave men are well equipped to fight those who attempt to disturb and destruct the country's national integrity and peace.
Campaign Period --- 26th November 2009 from 8.36PM IST to 9.36PM IST

How to contribute your best with IDEA “Talk for India” Campaign
  • Schedule all possible calls on 26 Nov for time between 8.36PM to 9.36PM
  • Forward information about this campaign to all your friends
  • Set a reminder so that Idea will remind to utilize the campaign
  • If you don’t have IDEA connection, ask any friends of yours having Idea connection to utilize this campaign

Idea Cellular Press release

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  1. If they want to do so then why don't they donate from their end only.

    They are spending so much money on abhishek bacchan and other advertising.

    Instead of paying on them just donate that money as simple.

    ppl are saying and talking abt this attack since last 1 year and the nation were attacked so many times.

    That was not first time.

    I want to tell them that don't fool us.


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