Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fring video calls with skype on Nokia Symbian mobile over 3G or wi-fi

Fring is no doubt top third party application which everybody wants to have on his mobile. Recently Fring releasing World`s first ever Android VOIP application. Soon after that there is one more milestone achieved by Fring, "First ever Fring and Skype Video calls on mobile". Imagine high quality two way Skype Video calls right from your NOKIA Symbian mobile phone without any extra charge. We have tried out the application and here is the review.

Well this is really exciting, Free video calls on mobile.. We have published few other softwares like imichat.com previously, but video quality was not at all good. It was just to see who is on the other side. Fring with Video calls, was much awaited feature. Now Fring has launched it for NOKIA Symbian mobiles. This makes Nokia touch (such as X6, N97 mini,N97, 5800), N95, N95 8G and N82 devices, a skype video call device. Main Features are

  • High Quality Fring Skype Video calls
  • Two way Video feature
  • No charges at all
  • Free mobile to mobile(Fring to Fring) or Free Pc to phone Video calls
How to make Video calls on Symbian with Fring
Using Fring with Video is very easy to use and no change in method at all...

Just install the latest version of Fring from Fring Website.

When you see any Skype contact online. click on call button and then choose Video calls. Now you will be connected to him with Video conversations. For incoming Video calls, please notice-- First button is answer call, which will initiate a simple voice call. Second button will be of Receive call as Video call and third button will be to Hangup. You need to press the middle button.

As of now Fring released this for NOKIA Symbian devices like X6, N97 mini,N97, 5800, N95, N95 8G and N82. I tried this application on Samsung Omnia HD i8910 also but doesn't work perfectly well. I was able to get only one way video. I hope Fring will soon launch Video calling feature for other platforms also.


  1. well i tried to make it work on my Nokia E 51 Symbian phone , but was not able to do a Skype video call.

    does anyone have any suggestions?

  2. I will try the new Fring today Rahul, will keep you posted..


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