Friday, November 27, 2009

Voiphit and myvoipreselling service to be suspended by the end of this year 2009

If you are a voiphit user or myvoipreselling resller, we would like to inform you that betamax is going to suspend these services at the end of this year. It means after December 31st 2009 Myvoipreselling/Voiphit will cease its activity and you will not be able to call using this services. Betamax has already sent email to the voiphit resellers and instructed them to inform their customers.

As betamax does not have any refund policy, all the voiphit customers are advised to use up their remaining credit before the end of the year to avoid any loss. If you are planning to create a new login, then think before doing so.

We would like to remind you that voiphit offers Cheap phone calls to small islands in the world and the registration is not open to the public, you need to contact any myvoipreselling dealer and then he creates voiphit login for you.

Thanks to Dr. Daideepya Bhargava for informing about this news.

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