Tuesday, December 1, 2009

CompanyCalling business VoIP solution for small and medium size International companies

Having a company and looking for a cost effective call management solution, now comes CompanyCalling from dellmont srl (owner of actionvoip, jumblo etc). It is a VoIP service designed especially for small and medium-sized businesses that operate internationally. You can set up your Company Account in a few minutes, create Employee Accounts, and start saving on international calls straight away.

Website: http://www.companycalling.com/

CompanyCalling Features:
  • Free calls between employees
  • Cost-saving rates for international calls
  • Excellent quality
  • 100% compatible with your existing telecom system
  • No set-up costs, no contract, no surprises
  • Easily create user accounts for employees
  • Monitor calls and costs in real-time
  • Assign personal budgets to user accounts
  • Easily set up conference calls
  • SIP supported
Company Calling SIP details:
  • Sip server: sip.companycalling.com on port 5060 (standard)
  • Stun server: stun.companycalling.com
  • Use username and password provided by your company.
The minimum purchase is 100 EURs, If you want similar account management with less then 100 EURs of investment, you may contact us by leaving your comment.

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