Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pennytel calling guide, SIP call, How to call free?

Happy New Year to all freevcalls readers, I hope that you are enjoying the 10 million minutes of free calls from Pennytel. Its really a good offer with excellent call quality. If you have not tried then you must give a try to this offer. Registering for this offer takes much less time then buying credit/minutes for you existing VoIP. So far I have used around 7 hours and still calling.
I received several emails that how to call with pennytel after getting the registration details? So I decided to write this article which will guide you.

First I would like tell that this offer should work from everywhere in the world where you are connected with internet broadband, from India to India too, so our Indian readers can also use this offer to save their mobile credit on this new year.

In order to call, you need to get Your PennyTel Phone Number/Username and password by email. For that you need to register your email on their website (More here)

Once you have your username and password, there are two options that you can use to call.

Web softphone (Not recommended)
  1. Login to pennytel website
  2. click on my portal
  3. Then click on the Pennytel softphone in navigation panel
  4. You have to enable this option and, then re login again.
  5. You need to authorize the java script to use the softphone.
  6. Once the softphone loads completely and registered on the server you can call.
Due to load on the servers, the softphone is taking too much of time to load

SIP softphone (Recommended)
  1. Download and install SIP software (I prefer Zoiper SIP softphone)
  2. Right click on the top of zoiper softphone
  3. Click on the options
  4. Click on Add a new SIP account
  5. In the name write: pennytel
  6. then type the following
  7. Domain: sip.pennytel.com
  8. Username : Your pennytel user name/number sent by email
  9. Password : your pennytel password
  10. Caller ID Name: Your pennytel number or leave it blank
  11. Click on apply
If you see, registered, then you are ready to make phone calls with this softphone. If you don't see registered then check your antivirus or your network might be blocking sip port.

Pennytel Mobile (Phone-to-Phone)
If you want to call among free countries, then you can also use the phone-to-phone service.
Login to http://pennytel.com/m/
Use chrome or firefox to open from PC
Then type the from and To numbers to make the phone-phone calls.
This way of calling does not broadband or headphones and you can also use from your mobile internet.

Common error:
If you are getting the following error Your account balance is insufficient to place your call to that destination. Check that you are dialing in correct format of 0091 or +91 or 91, (not in usa international format of 01191)


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  2. i am trying to call india from uae message coming Your account balance is insufficient to place your call to that destination

  3. still working.., just called my friends and wished them happy new year..,

  4. i am trying to make call but it says your a/c balance is insufficient to make calls

  5. Pennytel promo is over now, it was valid till 2nd Jan 2010.

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  8. I registered with zoiper softphone, and i registered as per your instructions. pennytel is registered, but i could not make calls, it says insufficient balance and i tried all the combinations (+91, 0091, 91), please help me to make calls.

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