Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Collect calls to USA or Canada from outside USA via international Toll free numbers

If you are looking to make a collect call to the USA, Canada from Australia, Italy, France, Germany, UK and other EU countries, then you can make such calls by calling a International toll free number. A collect call in the USA and Canada or reverse charge call in the UK and other countries (or calling collect) is a telephone call in which the calling party wants to place a call at the called party's expense.

How can you make the collect a call?
  • Pick a Toll-Free number from the list.
  • Get connected with call center operator.
  • Then you will be connected to the destination.

Int'l Toll Free Numbers for Collect Calls to USA and Canada:
USA/ Canada: 866.390.8511
Australia: 1800.226.430
Austria: 0800.292.596
Belgium: 0800.71187
Brazil: 0800.891.9631
China (North): 10800.972.0102
China (South): 10812.4094
France: 0800.900.624
Germany: 0800.DIALUSA, 0800.181.6974
Greece: 00800.161.220.33000
Guatemala: 999.9189.4012
Hungary: 06.800.14476
Italy: 800.782.478
Netherlands: 0800.022.5998
Poland: 0800.121.1985
Spain: 900.951.586
UK: 0800.032.2428

How much will it cost to the receiver?
The costs for a Collect Call are subject to your current location in the world and the destination you are calling. Just consult the operator before calling.

For more information visit:
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  1. thanks. unbelievable how hard it is to get info about collect calls from EU to USA/canada.


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