Friday, December 4, 2009

Stanacard India rate update-lower rates to all Indian phone numbers

Stanacard again reduced the calling rates to all Indian phone numbers. Stanacard is the most preferred calling service among Indians. You can call India for as low as 1.45 cents/min with absolutely no connection fees or hidden charges. I think this is one of the lowest call rates you can find from premium service providers. If you have a credit card the you must go for it.

Apart from this, Stanacard has best referral program. I mean you get free $10 bonus in your account for each friend you refer and also you friend will get $10 free if he top ups his account with $10, so in total Stanacard pays $30 for $10, Isn't it a great value for money.

The why you are waiting for Sign-up here for Stanacard, buy $10 credit and get $20 in your account and call India for only 1.45 cents/min, and also invite your friends to earn more free credit.

Their normal rates 2.9 cents per minute and effective rate is 1.45 cent, each time you get a paid referral, your calling rate is reduced by half making is almost free calls. Moreover no questions over the sound and call quality, they are superb in that.

If you are asked to fill the promo code, then your
Stanacard promo code is : 238021

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  1. Now StanaCard has a service that lets people from India call anywhere in the world. They have also lowered their rates to India.


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