Thursday, December 10, 2009

Netincusa and Pinless Calling Card service with $2 free call from USA

my011 is offering $2 free calls from USA try out the service without any credit card information. my011 is a pinless calling card service from Network Enhanced Technologies Inc (NET) which is Los Angeles based and in the business since 1995. They have different brand names i.e. Netincusa,, and; but actually all services are same and finally you will land in homepage of my011. We tested this service and its working perfectly. This $2 credit will allow you to make approximately 1 hour 23 minutes of free calls  to INDIA. 
As soon as we landed on there website we got attracted by a $2 free calls banner, which is a risk free trial from company. It only asks for the Name, email and Telephone number details.  You can fill the my011 trial request here. Once you complete the registration, they will call you within one hour to verifying your details, at the same time, they will give you a local access number to call.

To call
1. Dial the Local access Number Provided by Customer care
2. Wait for instruction and Dial the International number with 00 or 011
   Example: For India just dial 91XXXXXXXXXX
3. Your call will be connected...

Now coming to features of Pinless calling card service
  • Pin-Less Dialing
  • No Data Plan Req
  • No Calling Card or Pin code to remember
  • No connection fee or hidden charges
Call Rates:
INDIA - 2.4cents/min
Bangladesh - 3.5 cents/min
Pakistan - 7.5 cent/min

Not cheapest one, but this service is good to try and we recommend our readers to make use of free trial credit and  if you find it better than your existing pinless service, you can continue using by buying additional credit of $20 or more.


  1. I registered this and got a call from customer care and she is asking about all details like phone number and home address. I was denied because i am having different state phone number. So please make sure that you supply matching address.

  2. Well, it worked for me as I gave them the right details, but they were really asking too many questions, like where to call, what is your address etc.

    Anyway I got 83 minutes free, thanks Rahul

  3. Too bad Canadians are excluded...AGAIN!!! I am getting really annoyed...

  4. ""
    "The page cannot be found". End?

  5. The trail page is still working, try refreshing


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