Friday, December 18, 2009

c2call friend caller java VoIP Vista/XP, MAC OS-X or Linux : free trial

c2call's FriendCaller is web bases calling platform (browser-to-phone), which is offering free calls, so that you can try their service. Just register and you are ready to call, No downloads or installations are required. I could talk around 4.5 minutes to India mobile with single registration. Although the trial minutes are very less, but if you like to call free, then you can try it.

The best thing about friend caller is that they are platform independent, it works with browsers such as Internet Explorer 6+, Mozilla Firefox or Safari on Windows Vista/XP, MAC OS-X or Linux. FriendCaller uses the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 or higher. The Java-based temporary browser applet is loaded onto your browser when you log-in to FreindCaller website or click on a call-invite link. Since FriendCaller does not require any installation, you can use it wherever you have access to the Internet. You need to allow the java FriendCaller SIP application to be used on your PC.

They also provide "Call-me" links which you can post in any AIM, Skype, Google Talk chat message or placed on your twitter, facebook, orkut or social network profile page as links or buttons.

Apart from this, they also provide FriendCaller 3 Pro App, which works with every popular operating system and browser without installation. And, of course with the iPhone and iPod touch. We have not checked this application.

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