Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Northeastvoip.com Northeast Voip with one second billing

Northeastvoip.com is a UK based VOIP company offering Cheap international calling with per second billing. Per second billing is always beneficial for the customers and it shows company`s fair billing. Northeastvoip offers VOIP solution in both retail and wholesale segments.

Northeastvoip is a bunch of VOIP services with good customer support. They offer relatively more cheaper rates in wholesale segment. Regular call rate to INDIA is 2.54 cents/min and if you opt wholesale VOIP then call rates will be 1.5 cents/min. Main features of northeastvoip service are -

  • Free Registration and Voip Phone download
  • Use service from any SIP device an
  • US/UK DID Virtual Number free Setup
  • SMS messaging to all over the world
  • Cheaper Calls per second pulse (For Mexico billing is per minute)
  • voice mail, call forwarding, call waiting, Contact book, call records, missed calls
  • Money back guarantee
  • No connection charges or call handling charges
  • No setup cost no monthly charges for international calls
  • Itemized billing, you can see all the call costs, duration and balance
  • Geotrust secured website and Secure payments by Paypal
The only disappointment is no trial credit to test the service. They have a good infrastructure in terms of customer support. There customer support is Ticket Based they also offer online support in working hours. As per there website, there is a chance to win free USB VOIP phone, we were unable to find more details about it. I request readers to comment on there service quality.

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