Monday, December 21, 2009

Linphone SIP software for Ubuntu Linux XP Vista and Mac : free VoIP video-phone

Linphone is an open source free SIP softphone, video phone which works with major operating systems like Ubuntu Linux XP Vista and Mac and allow you to register multiple SIP accounts with single sip software.

Features of Linphone
  • SIP support with major codecs
  • Video codec support
  • Webcam support
  • Text support
  • Address book
  • STUN support
  • All Operating systems.
  • Call in and out support
  • Multiple SIP registration

If you are using X-lite, then it supports only one sip at a time, so if you are using multiple SIPs then you can switch to linphone.

Download Linphone software

Here is the example, how to register sip with linphone.

After installation, start the linphone software
>> Go to "Linphone" on top of the software
>> Preferences
>> Manage SIP accounts
>> The click on "+ Add" button

A new window will open, then fill the details

Your SIP identity:
SIP Proxy address: sip:

This is the example with which has a proxy of, In the screenshot, we have give the example of smartvoip. You can use your sip proxy provided by your provider.

Linphone Screenshot

If there is some problem in registration, you will get the following error
The SIP proxy address you entered is invalid, it must start with "sip:" followed by a hostname.

We tested linphone and found that the sound quality was good, I think you should give a try to it.

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  1. The problem is always the same when somebody tells you how to do something in Linux, is the whole story is not revealed and so it doesn't work when you try it. You can't use like you say-what have you missed out telling us? I've written and e-mailed, and they don't want to know. I think they know it can't be done. When you click on "Linux for internet calls" on their website, they will send you down a path of deception, only resulting in you giving them money to make calls from your mobile or landline. Try it.


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