Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ring2Skype SkypeIn service : Free Skype Incoming Number in 36 countries

A normal Skypein number costs a minimum of $3/month, now you can get the same service free of cost with Ring2Skype. Well the name defines the service itself, Ring-to-Skype is a very popular service which enables you to receive free and unlimited incoming calls from landlines and mobile phones to your skype Id from 36 countries across the world.

Skype 10,000 calling minutes to landlines for one low monthly fee

There are so many companies which offer Online incoming number from Various Countries, but Ring2Skype is special because the fact it is totally Free. Here are some facts -
  • Totally Free incoming number(Extn Based)
  • Number Available from 36 countries including USA, UK, Italy,Ireland and Australia
  • Direct incoming to Skype ID, No other equipment required
  • No Monthly Limit on incoming calls
  • The other person calls an ordinary local number of there area
  • 24 Hour online chat support through Skype id ""
How to use Ring2Skype?
STEP 1 :: Visit and register your new free number
STEP 2:: Enter your Skype ID, email, password and choose your number from any of the countries listed
STEP 3:: After getting your number, if anybody calls that number and enter your extn number then the call will be connected to your Skype
STEP 4:: Just receive the call on the Skype and talk as long as you want.

Ring2Skpe $1000  Youtube contest "How to use Ring2Skype?"
Upload your ring2skype video tutorial on YouTube and you can win $1000. Just shoot a quick guide on how to use ring2skype, upload it to YouTube and send the link to It's a 1000 dollars prize. contest ends on December 20th.

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  1. seems to have been bought out by skype... :(


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