Thursday, December 3, 2009

voipPRO dellmont wholesale Voip-to-PSTN termination service

voipPRO is a wholesale Voip-to-PSTN termination service for businesses business users, telephone shop owners. They offer three routes to make the call which gives you flexibility to choose rates and call quality with one second billing.

  • voipPRO GREYroute: lowest possible rates, no guaranteed quality
  • voipPRO Standard: low rates, good quality
  • voipPRO Premium: slightly higher rates, very good quality

VoipPRO website

Every route has it's own dialling format:
For example for calls to INDIA:
VoipPro EUR/USD Grey: 00001 91 12345678
VoipPro EUR/USD Standard: 00 91 12345678
VoipPro EUR/USD Premium: 00000 91 12345678

The username & password can also be used to connect to our SIP-server in order to make calls. VoipPRO SIP Settings are as follows:
  • Username: Your VoipPro username
  • Password: Your password
  • SIP/Proxy registrar:
  • Domain/Realm (optional):
  • STUN server:
More about VoipPRO
  • Instant account activation
  • payments by: Bank Transfer, Western Union, Moneybookers, Ukash, CashU, Credit Card & Paypal
  • Required minimum topup amount of EUR/USD 100,
  • Supported protocols: SIP & H323
  • Supported codecs: G711 / G729 / G723 / G726 / iLBC (20ms & 30ms) /GSMFR 13kbps
  • Unlimited channel capacity with one pre-paid balance
  • No recurring charges of any kind
  • Premium termination through Tier 1 carriers
  • Real-time CDRs and account management portal
  • Ideal solution for VoIP phones and IP-PBX systems
  • 1/1 Billing on all destinations, except Mexico fix & mobile


  1. HI, I made an account there and the Sip that they show at the page does not register at any device.
    I already sent them a complain but as allways they does not answer, but they took the money
    Any help?

  2. well, if you telling then it could be right.., but did you check if you can register other SIP servers (like, etc), If yes then there is a problem with voippro.

    If you can not register the other sips then the problem at your end.., it might be possible that your internet provider is blocking SIP authentication.

    Please check

  3. I try many times to connect to server but it can't I was registred with other sip servers like Sip.justvoip or others but now I Can ONLY SEE my acount's sum like Frozen. When I try to connect by Eye Beam I seee only : ... Forbiden ; The person U are callin is NOT Avable Or somthing like that . Can Anybody Help Me to make calls with Voippro ? Thank You .

    1. The same problem am having here dont know what to do about it.

    2. I dont know what is rong with voippro this time i opend a new account but calls are not going always telling me The person U are callin is NOT Avalable Or somthing like that what can I do?

  4. i want to use gray route beacuse some problem with i can;t dail 00001..

  5. Hi, Can I use voippro to transfer money to other customers? I mean can I use my account as a reseller?

  6. Hi can i use it on my voipswitch? If yes how many calls can i make at a moment?

  7. Yes you can use on voipswitch you can call as much as you can no port limit on voippro

  8. can any body resell voippro credit?


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