Sunday, December 6, 2009 offers Cheap International calls, Online incoming number and Mobile VoIP calling

Spokn is a Singapore based VOIP (Internet Telephony) company which is associated with Geodesic. You can use Spokn services via PC client, Mobile Application , SIP devices and Normal Landline Phones. That means complete Freedom. We have reviewed there services and tested in each and every aspect.

Lets check what is offering to us
  • Cheap International calls (Call India at just 2 cents/min)
  • Free unlimited Spokn to Spokn calls
  • Cheap Online Incoming numbers in just 1$/month from Eight countries including USA, UK, Canada, Denmark, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland
  • Free incoming through Spokn ID
  • Free Call Forking (Means Multiple Notification for incoming calls on all Spokn clients and you can receive call from any one of them)
  • Call Forwarding to Normal Phones
  • Call Back Service to use from Normal Landlines
  • Multiple User Platform -
  1. Windows Desktop
  2. Windows Mobile
  3. NOKIA E series and N series
  4. Blackberry
  5. SIP devices ( SIP settings at the end of article)
  6. Normal Landline Phones
Everything looks good and promising from, We definitely recommend to try out there Service. Best part which we like about the service is, Freedom to use the service from virtually Anywhere. There Mobile VOIP client is perfectly working on Blackberry and NOKIA E series (TESTED). Anyway Blackberry Application is merely a callback initiator.

You can Sign up for the service Free of cost without any Credit Card Information. Compnay is giving you 6 Free calls to tryout there services and each call is of 1 minute length.

GoTo to register for the service.

Spokn SIP Settings :-
* SIP userid : (Your 7 digit Spokn ID)
* SIP password: (Your Spokn password)
* SIP server :
* Stun Server :

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