Friday, December 25, 2009

Pennytel Xmas promo - 10 million minutes of true free calls including India for New Year

I would say this is the best offer of this season, just register your email and call for free. No need to buy any credit or register any other information. During this festive season, Pennytel is offering 10 million minutes of true free calls to  INDIA, Aus, UK, USA, Canada, and China.

Lot of people used this offer and called for free. If you are reading this offer today, then we are sorry to say that YOU MISSED, the free calling promotion is over now, please bookmark (Ctrl+D) or subscribe this blog so that you  will not miss any offer in the future.

PennyTel website

After registering your email, you will get Your PennyTel Phone Number/Username and Password by email.
Now you have many options to call, you can call via access number, softphone under your My Portal or using SIP phone.

SIP Proxy :
Domain :
SIP Register : Yes
Preferred Codec : g729, g723
Port : 5060

Pennytel step by step calling guide, SIP call, How to call free?

General Terms and conditions
  • The promotional period begins from the 18th of December to the 2nd of January (EDT), or when all the free minutes have been used (whichever comes first), and is exclusive to members only.
  • The free minutes are valid only for calls made to landlines in Australia & the UK, and calls made to landlines and mobiles in Canada, China, India & the USA. For other destinations you need to buy the credit.


  1. Merry Christmas! Thanks for share useful information.

  2. I am calling since yesterday.., called almost three hours, you rock man

  3. I am calling with SIP, working gr8 with excellent call quality. I am using zoiper sip software, no need to goto website and login and wait for the sofphone

  4. Hi Dear ,

    I Registed with your provided link and it say me that he will send me username & Password in email but i not recieved email yet .i traid with 3 differant email id . also traid with privet domain id

  5. Dear

    I traid to register with 3 diffrance id but till now i am not getting any email from pannytel


  6. You should get the email, We are not aware of the kind of problem you are facing.., The only thing I could say that please check your email spam folder, if the problem is not solved, contact their customer care

  7. Thanks Dear Vinas

    i got one email from him .

    You will require these details when setting up your account, so please keep them safe.

    Your PennyTel Phone Number/Username : 8887112697
    Your PennyTel Phone Password : XXXXXX

    Please take note that your web password and phone password are initially the same. When you change password in the Web interface, it only changes your web password and your phone password remains the same.

    You are now only a couple of steps away from making FREE calls to your Friends and Family on the PennyTel Network and making calls any other phone in the world at the lowest rates available!

    Your PennyTel Phone Number is now active and ready to use with a Broadband Phone. Tell your friends and family to keep your PennyTel Phone Number so that they can call you for free!

    But I can't make any call to india .can you tell me is this another proses to do or what ?

  8. Hi Raju,

    How did you try to call?? You have two options to call.

    1. Web softphone
    login to pennytel website
    click on my portal

    Then click on the Pennytel softphone in navigation panel
    YOu have to enable this, then relogin again.
    You need to enable the java script to use the softphone.

    2. SIP softfone
    you can install any SIP softphone from your PC (x-lite, zoiper, linphone etc) and use the sip settings with your login information to make the call. Its simple.

    I hope in this way you will be able to call.., dont forget to tell your friends.

  9. Dear Vikas ,

    i got email from him in my all registed id but i am able to make free call to india from only one account .so thansk for your help .


  10. If you are getting the following error Your account balance is insufficient to place your call to that destination.

    Check that you are dialing in correct format of 0091XXXX or +91XXX, (NOT 01191XX)

    Your call will be through..

  11. can you use the srvice from UK i am trying thru zoiper but get the message insuffcnt crdt?? or does it not work form UK r they run out of min?? any help guys

  12. Calling now, its still working..,
    Check the dialing format..
    It should work from UK, we have not tested it has been tested from many countries and its working.

  13. hi vikash
    I am getting the message on zoiper pennytel registering (SIP) for a long time. I waited for a long time. I can login on pennytel website but not able to registered on zoiper. I checked, my login is in free call offer. how to correct these things

  14. thank you very very much. I Wish all Great and Wonderful wishes for such a beautiful Gift.

    Thanks once again.


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