Saturday, January 2, 2010

Raza India one cent offer of 1000 minutes in $10 : Be careful

Raza calling card keeps on launching the same offer again and again with different promotional names, this time it is "Big celebration offer" where they are claiming to offer you 1 cent to India mobile or some selected cities with No expiration and No hidden taxes. It means 1000 minutes in $10. We reviewed their offer and found that their actual offer is somewhat different from the real one, eventually taking extra money from your pocket. With this offer, apparently it seems that you are paying $10 for $10 credit, actually you will be getting only $8 after paying around$13 which is 62.5% extra, which makes your effective calling rate of 1.62 cents per min.

Here are some points that I would like to let you know before you buy
  • The call quality is good but sometimes keeps getting disconnected abruptly.
  • There is an extra HIDDEN charge of $2.99 (so actually 1.3c/min with the extra $2.99 charge-i.e. 10+2.99 = $12.99/1000mins).
  • Its mandatory to signup for Auto Recharge/refill for 1c/min offer, This means that they will debit your credit card with $10, without your permission, as soon as ur balance reaches $2. so if you want to stop using the service you loose $2.
  • reserves the rights to withdraw or alter the India 1 cents Big Celebration Offer at any time without prior notice.
If you think in one way it seems that you are paying $15 for $10 credit. (which looks like 50% extra), Actually you will be getting only $8 after paying around$13 which is 62.5% extra, which makes your effective calling rate of 1.62 cents per min, if you don’t continue their service.

The promotion displays “No expiration and No hidden taxes” however you pay $5 extra, it is nothing but a sale gimmick which one customer realizes after he has used this service.

This is my personal opinion based on the users/readers comment received on the previous posts published on this blog. The final decision is yours. If you had been a victim of Raza calling cards in the past, please share your opinion here.


  1. Thanks freevcalls for the info. These online phone card sellers are very sneaky in the way they conduct their business. I stopped buying them about 6 years ago and went exclusively with Tel3advantage and later on with Startec, Pingo and Reliance. All of these charge per minute rate and nothing else.

  2. In this day and age, if such shady operators try to set up shop, they will be railroaded out of town, thanks to great blogs such as yours. These outifts will NOT last! They are like a gas station that screws only the first few customers. Before long, word of mouth will kill them! What the hell do they think? They think they can cheat the sophisticated customer in this day and age? Fat chance!

  3. I have been using Raza for a long time never had a problem. $2.99 charge its mention before you buy and also now a days since Airtel started all this admin charges...

  4. Well Raza and airtel both charging the admin fee, however the admin fee of airtel is $3.99, but there is a big difference....,
    1. Airtel clearly mentioes on their website.., 600 minutes in $10..
    2. Raza mentions 1000 mins in $10 and try to hide the charges...,
    Stay away from such companies like raza who try to hide something...

  5. I have been using MotherIndia for 2 cents and the call quality and service has been pretty good so far. I was wondering if anyone has tried any other low rates calling card that does not eat up your purchased minutes?

    I also tried:
    Amantel - just like I guess, they say no hidden fees but they deduct 10 cents everyday from your purchased minutes whether you use or not. Also, they tried to auto recharge to my credit card and I caught them and reversed the charges.

    Any other suggestions, recommendations, complaints are appreciated to be cautious of these online sellers.


  6. I use There are no hidden fees your minutes never expire and same rates for landline and cell phones.

  7. is fraud website. So people just google reviews before you think to buy this calling plan

  8. Phone india is best for call in india , good quality

  9. I was charged rates between 2.2-2.5 cents per minute when I discontinued the auto refill option. I have filed a complaint in their forum asking them why they charged me so much when their regular calling rates are supposedly 2 cents a minute. Moreover, their call quality is just lousy ! I will definitely NOT recommend RAZA to ANYONE I know.

  10. raza is best calling card 14$ you pay you get 1000 minutes

  11. Thank you for all this information, I was about to buy RAZA calling card, now I know what to do. Thank you Sir.


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