Saturday, January 16, 2010

mTring Calling plan TringIndia TringPakistan TringAustralia TringAsia from Youtring

Socialnetworking website is a kind of all in one website which also offers cheap VOIP calls from PC or Mobile. We have already discussed about Youtring in FreeVcalls, So without going in much details lets focus on Voip-mVoip Calling plans of Youtring.

Youtring has calling plans for specific countries like INDIA, Pakistan, Australia and etc. All these plans starts from a starting price of $5, $10, $15, $25, $50 and $100 . There is no specific discount if you buy for more amount, rates will be same for all.

Plan TringIndia
This plan is cheaper if you compare with other providers. By Paying 5$ you can get 342 minutes calls to INDIA Mobile and 237 Min to INDIA Landlines.

Mobile 1.46 US cents/min (Cheap calls)
FiXed line 2.11 cents/min

Try Cheapest Calls to INDIA at .039cents/min, 256 min in just 1$

Plan TringPakistan
Mobile 7.61 US cents/min (Costly)
FiXed line 7.61 cents/min

Plan TringAustrailia
Mobile 1.58 US cents/min
FiXed line 2.27 cents/min

Plan TringAsia (Call rates to selected Countries will be 1.54 Cents/min)

YouTring is special because it allows you make calls from both Pc and Mobile. For making Calls from PC, please download Youtring Application. You can also download Youtring mTring software for your 3G/GPRS/WiFi to make cheap VOIP calls at same rates, probably this makes the service best in industry. As of now the Mobile application supports only few mobiles on Symbian Series 3, like NOKIA N96. We expect more and more mobile support for the mTring mobile software.


  1. u shld have youtring available on iphone.that would be grt....


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