Sunday, January 10, 2010

Free calls with VoipStunt : register and Call One hour free

Voipstunt, one of the famous service under Betamax, is running limited time offer in which new users can try VoipStunt out for free for a total of 60 minutes. During this trial period you can only call the following destinations. Unfortunately India is not included in the list. However you can make use of this offer to call Australia, USA, Canada and most of the EU countries.

Voipstunt free countries list.
Argentina (Landline)
Australia (Landline)
Austria (Landline)
Belgium (Landline)
Canada (Landline & Mobile)
Denmark (Landline)
Estonia (Landline)
Finland (Landline)
France (Landline)
Germany (Landline)
Hong Kong (Landline & Mobile)
Ireland (Landline)
Italy (Landline)
Japan (Landline)
Liechtenstein (Landline)
Luxembourg (Landline)
Malaysia (Landline)
Netherlands (Landline)
New Zealand (Landline)
Norway (Landline)
Portugal (Landline)
Puerto Rico (Landline & Mobile)
Russian Federation [moscow]
Russian Federation [st Petersburg]
Singapore (Landline & Mobile)
South Korea (Landline)
Spain (Landline)
Sweden (Landline)
Taiwan (Landline)
United Kingdom (Landline)
United States (Landline & Mobile)

How to call?
  • Download Voipstunt from their website
  • Complete the registration
  • Start calling

You can check this offer at the bottom of the page written as “* limited offer, click here”
Voipstunt has all the rights to terminate your account, or deny the use of the VoipStunt service or features of it.

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