Saturday, January 2, 2010 Gizmo Free SMS to India and any mobile worldwide : Unreliable service

GizmoSMS is a free text messaging SMS service from SIPphone, Inc, which allows you to send FREE SMS to more than 50 countries including India. This is a purely a web based service where no registration and software is required. We tried to send the SMS and found that this service is highly unreliable.

Freevcalls would say that GizmoSMS is not a reliable service, most of the messages goes somewhere, It is nothing but an advertisement Scam from Gizmo. Don't waste your time sending SMS from Gizmo. If you want to send Unlimited text to India, then try this free SMS tool. I am sure that you would love it

As per their website, SMS messages can only be sent to mobile phones in certain Gizmo SMS Supported Countries, and only with specific mobile phone networks in those countries. you have to simply type the destination number and your text message and send it. But most of the time, the SMS is not delivered however some times it reached the destination making this service unreliable.

Gizmo does not charge you for sending SMS. Receiver may incur charges depending on their carrier and plan. If you are charged for the SMS and don’t want to receive SMS from GizmoSMS, then you can register your number to their and site.

The premium paid service is from Gizmo5 which has been recently acquired by Google.


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