Friday, January 29, 2010

Apple iPad and VoIP audio and video internet calling

Apples’s iPad, nothing but the enlarged version of iPhone or iPod touch was launched recently. Many of my friends got impressed with that and immediately shown interest of buying one iPad. If you want to use iPod for chatting and video calling with your friends then, is iPad going to make your life easier or worse?

iPad is missing inbuilt camera.., means no video calling and if you want to do that, you have to always carry an external usb camera with you. (extra burden).

Well it misses inbuilt USB port too, however you can connect external usb which charging port of the iPad.

Some of the website claims that it is missing inbuilt microphone also, but on the website they mention microphone, I don’t know its only microphone jack or inbuilt one. However it has Built-in speaker, only one speaker???

iPad comes with two models, one with Wifi only and one with Wi-Fi + 3G model and also has built in Bluetooth.

Another thing, iPad comes with the same OS that is running on iPhone, it does not come with Mac os.., it means you can not use all the cheap VoIP application you can use it with your mac book. If you are using windows.., then you forget about may VoIP application and softwares.

So if you are in somwehere connected with wi-fi or 3G and want to call your friends over internet, then you must carry all the essential items with you. One option could be to use your Bluetooth headphone to connect with iPod.

Other features are like iPod and all the applications available to iPhone are also available for iPad.

Complete Apple iPad specs

Would you go for iPad????

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  1. Otherwords as usually we see that Apple is still amateur to Windows run machines, with all thinkable varieties of soft- and hard-ware. Will we ever see that day when Apple will really show that it has considerable advantage over PC?


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