Thursday, January 21, 2010

8x8 Connect Facebook free VoIP calling application: Phone calls to USA

Facebook is no doubt number one Social networking website in world. You might be having hundreds of friends around the globe and want to talk to them. But to contact them directly, you have to give your personal contact number to them, which you don’t want to do sometime. So, if you are in USA or having a USA number then you can talk to your Facebook friends unlimited without revealing your phone number.

Is it possible to make free calls through Facebook? Yes…

8x8, Inc. offers voice, video, mobile and web conferencing IP communications solutions for business and residential customers. Well there other services are very costly in comparison but they have launched a free Facebook application, a point and click VOIP.

Some of the features of this application are:

  • Call to any US number for free, currently works for US only
  • The calling number (your number) is kept secret. The person whom you call won’t see your actual number
  • You can set a desired number on which you wish to receive the call. It can be a land-line or a mobile number
How to add and use 8x8 Facebook application?

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Search for 8x8 Connect application or follow this link
  • Click “Go to Application” button.
  • Follow the on-screen steps.
  • After your settings are saved successfully, a ‘Call Me’ button appears on your Facebook home screen.
Now whenever any of your friend visits your profile then he can see the “Call Me” button. Whenever he click on the button, System will ask your friend`s phone number. First 8x8 Facebook application will connect call to your friend`s number and then to you. So no need to reveal your phone number….

The other best part is, if you want to call any US number for free then just visit your profile and Press Call me button, then enter your friend`s phone number. Thats it...

As of now, service is only available to US numbers.

Thanks to Saral Gupta for writing this nice article ....

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  1. Big deal - the rest of North America is excluded! :( Who needs this?

  2. add muftphone to your profile, on facebook, India included


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