Monday, January 4, 2010

SimpleCall connection fee and hidden charge, personal experience and review

Harry, one of our regular readers of this blog from Canada, shares his personal experience about He did not like it because of hidden charges in their rates and unresponsive customer care. So why to use such calling services that are making their customers fools by implementing some hidden charges. If you are still using simple call then we would like to bring to your notice that simple call charges a hidden connection fee of around £0.05 ($0.10) for India and £0.15 ($0.30) for Pakistan if your call exceeds 5 minutes. This makes the effective calling rates 30-50% costly as published on their website.
Harry Writes….

Having used Nymgo and Pinless World for calling India from Canada, I have been quite happy so far. Of course, Nymgo is a little too expensive as they are above the 2 cents mark to India, so I am currently using other services.
However, recently, I came upon Simplecall which sounded too good to be true with the following features:

Rates in Canadian dollars
Cheapest calls to India
Per second billing
Phone-to-phone calls with local access numbers
Fibre optics

I was delighted to see a company with everything I wanted until I noticed that at the bottom of their FAQ, unobtrusively, was the following:

Q: Is there have any connection charge for India and Pakistan?
A: The connection charge of £0.05 for India & £0.15 for Pakistan will be added when the call duration will exceed minimum 5 minutes.
Ludicrous! That did it for me! I was nastily surprised with this foolishness, hidden at the very bottom of their FAQ! Can you imagine holding your calls to under 5 minutes, which you paid for?? If that is the case, I will stick with Tuitalk where I can make three 2-minute ad-based calls daily to India completely free of charge!

I wrote them asking why this was so - my two messages have not had a response. So, their customer service seems to be non-existent, as compared to both Nymgo and Pinless World, who have excellent service and quick response. Both bend over backwards and LISTEN to their customers. However, Simplecall is similar to some of those betamax providers who make it impossible to contact customer service.

Therefore, the motto is: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

I will stay way from Simplecall unless they remove this ridiculous clause.

This is a personal opinion by one our readers and a simplecall user.

Would you still like to use or stay with simplecall? If you have similar stories where your money is stolen by some VoIP companies, please share your experience here.


  1. Thanks for the review. I almot signed up with Simplecall. No more!

  2. yes!!! i have been usin smartvoip to call a few countries, and then i cam eaccross voipgain which had the cheapest rated for the countries i call most, as long as i remember, the first few calls i made were according to the reates stated, but now i get this (connection fee of 0.039 euro) next to the charges!!!! this is a cheat!!!!!

  3. thnx guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i was abt to register for simplecall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. simple call is fake site,,,they are taking money and not given any service, no customer satisfaction, no customer support, please don't pay any money to simple call

  5. sorry,,,,,,, simple call is good company,,,they give all solution,,,

  6. i can suggest action voip. no connection charge + 1 cent to india


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