Monday, January 11, 2010

magicJack :: Unlimited Free Calls from GSM mobiles with New magicJack Device

magicJack is probably the most popular and advertised VOIP device. It is a device which routes telephone calls through internet. The current version of device allows you to connect a ordinary phone device with PC to use the service. magicJack has got a good competition with other devices like netTALK TK60000 and Ooma in this segment. But now the company behind magicJack, YMax has announce launch of a new magicJack device, which will allow you to connect an ordinary GSM cellphone with magicJack Device.

How New magicJack Device will connect to GSM phone

You just need to connect the magicJack device to a computer which is having a Broadband internet connection and then Device will create a small GSM network within your home range. As soon as it gets a GSM phone within the range of the device it will give a call to phone and then phone user needs to dial a short code after which the GSM device will be connected with the magicJack. Now if you make any call it will be routed through magicJack and it will not be charged by your cellphone service provider.

The most important thing is that, It will work with all types of GSM phones whether its a locked one or unlocked.

As per the news reports this device will be available within four months from now and the price tag will be the same 40$. The new device is based on femtocells technology which is designed to work like a cellular base station but its range is within a home only (3,000-square-foot).

In our opinion we need to see future proceedings of magicJack new device, because it can face few legal issues from existing telecom operators. The technology which new magicJack device uses works on GSM frequency, for which telecom providers have paid huge cost as license fee.

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